Power Meter reading differently on TrainerRoad on mobile vs other devices

When I do a zero offset calibration of my Favero Assioma (connected via Bluetooth) it always calibrate to an offset of -1
When I do the same on my Garmin Forerunner 935 however it calibrates to 0
Since I do my FTP assessments and my indoor training on TR it doesn’t really matter (although I like to record everything on my Garmin as well and the numbers obviously don’t match) but outside I’m not very sure of where my power should be when using the Assioma with my Garmin only.

Any tips to remedy the situation?

Pick one device to perform the Zero Offset and ignore other devices.

You only need to perform the Z.O. with a single device/app. The Z.O. value is stored in the power meter once completed, and any other devices reading power will be working with the same base.

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Cool, thank you very much, Chad!

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