Power meter died mid ride

My power meter ran out of juice about half way through my outdoor ride. The second half of my ride has some sporadic power meter readings that seem pretty low. Thus, the TSS seems way off so I’m wondering what the best way to handle this is.

I’m thinking of splitting it into two rides: one with the power meter data and one without. Not sure how to strip out the power meter data of the second one though (aside from hand editing the gpx file).

Does this seem like a reasonable path forward? Or is there something that I’m missing.

Thanks in advance for any tips!

Depends I guess what you want. Persoanlly I would estimate the tss for the entire ride and assign the value to the entire ride.

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If there’s no power and/or it’s not on strava it doesn’t count :rofl:

In reality if it was halfway just double what the first half says.

If it was a single sided power meter, that died 1/2 way into a ride. Does that mean you only have 1/4 of real power data? And 67 watermelons… because all theoretical math problems need a crazy amount of watermelons. :wink:

I’d estimate the TSS if there’s an override option.


I had the exact same issue with my A ride back in April so reached out to the TR support for help, below is a copy of the advice I received from Tucker. I went with option 2 :wink:

No worries though! Here are a couple of options to fix this:

  1. Use the .FIT File Tools to strip the data from your ride, and then re-upload it to your TR Calendar. That ride without the power data should allow you to estimate the TSS, and you should be all set there!

  2. You can exclude the ride’s TSS calculation from your overall and weekly TSS tracking by clicking on the ride in your Calendar online, then click on the small Pencil icon in the pop-up window. From there, just uncheck the box next to TSS to have that ride excluded from your career TSS.

Once you have completed that process, you can add in an “Other Activity” to your Calendar on that day, and estimate the TSS for that activity. That way, you can make that a pseudo place holder for the TSS for your ride, and you will have everything more accurately calculated for you.


Thanks! This is very helpful!

I have a pretty good formula for estimating TSS from partial data, it’s on another machine so I’ll upload later. It makes the assumption that the portion of the ride with missing data was ridden at much the same intensity and you didn’t go crazy on hills in one half and rode on flats the other.

So this is what I have

TSS=[(SxNPxIF) / (FTPx3600)] x100

S= seconds for the entire ride
NP = normalised power up to point of data loss
IF = Intensity factor up to point of data loss

As I said, it’s a rough estimate and relies on you completing the ride at the same intensity as you had up to the point of failure.

You CAN force TSS to be what you want, but it’s not intuitive at all. It only requires that some of the ride has power data, and works well to fix drops in power that you want to estimate later.

You can edit the ride, which gives you the “past ride details” screen. Lower your FTP. The lower your have your FTP set, the higher your TSS contribution will be from the remainder of the ride. It should only affect that one ride file, as that’s a per ride FTP setting, and your account FTP will be unaffected for future rides.

It will throw off the power zones for the ride, but that’s about the only unintended sideaffect I’m aware of. I’d much prefer my TSS to account for all the work I did, so it seems a good trade off.