Planning a 1 week vacation with Plan Builder

I am just finishing SSB MV2 and plan to move on to build next. I am wanting to try the plan builder for the rest of my season for mtb racing this summer. However, I am going on vacation for a week in March. How do I account for this using plan builder? Thanks

Unfortunately, we do not have an optimized way to deal with this scenario at the moment. From our FAQ:

As for how this situation should be handled:

Let me know if you have any questions about this!


I have my season made up in plan builder. I’m on vacation next week. I let the builder do its thing and then edited a few around my vacation dates. I know I won’t be riding so I’m currently adding volume before I leave doing SSBMV. Adding a bit of time to each planned workout and adding some easy endurance in on the rest days.

I hadn’t planned to do much different on my week back but doing the -1 versions on return is a good idea.

A ramp test was planned for the Monday after but I bumped it back a week. So I’ll do a week to get back into it and then retest.

On the general theme… any suggestions for ways to “push back” a recovery week? I’ll be away for a week next month, and it comes two weeks after my scheduled recovery week. I feel like it would be better for me to continue training normally for two weeks longer than planned, then recover whilst I’m away with some light exercise.

Not sure what I’d want to target in terms of TSS for the extra weeks though. I would probably struggle to do much more than what’s in the final week before the scheduled recovery week.