Plan Builder: edits to plan/races

I used Plan Builder with DK as my primary A race, but I didn’t get in. Should I edit the existing plan with a couple new (replacement) race dates, or scrap it and start from scratch? (none of the replacement events come close to the distance/scale of DK)

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At the moment, the Plan Builder is not equipped to recalculate for a change of A race, so at the moment, it is best to start from scratch.

You may need to play with the start date a little bit to “get credit” for the training you’ve already done, but all that requires is setting the start date as the day you started training rather than today’s date.

In the future, we will have the ability to recalculate when changing “A” events, however, we do not have an ETA for that feature quite yet.


How about B races? I removed a couple of them recently and notice it didn’t automatically populate a workout for that day. In my case it’s not a big deal, I can manually add workouts, just want to make sure I’m not missing something.

At the moment, it will not adjust the plan when a workout is deleted. That’s true for A, B and C races.


I deleted a couple of events and added some others, but when I try to rerun plan builder it doesn’t ask if it should use my events in the calendar. Should I worry about this? I don’t want to steamroller over all the events I already entered.


Plan Builder events can only be associated with one plan at a time, which means that your previous plan needs to be deleted before you can re-calculate it using the same events.

Once the previous plan is deleted, the races will free up and can be built into your new plan :+1:.


Thank you! Just so I understand the process …

  • Delete the current plan as built by plan builder. I started the plan on Jan 7, so presumably it’ll leave all my completed workouts as-is.

  • Delete/add/modify my target races in the calendar

  • Re-run plan builder with the start date set to Jan 7, my original start date, and that will generate a new annual plan

Is that all right?

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Yep, that’s exactly right :+1:.

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Excellent, thanks!

Is there a way to back up everything in case this goes horribly wrong? I’m about to attempt a change to my whole year’s schedule by changing my current plan’s A race into a B race and then adding a new A race further in the year :grimacing:

I’m scared of deleting all my past workouts and saved data (I.E. ramp test results, PRs)


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When you delete your plan only future workouts are removed. Workouts, PRs etc. that you have done remain. Remember to backdate the starting date of your new plan to the date your original plan started. It works well.

That said, I’d be interested as well if there is a way to export/backup all of your TR data, eg. all fit files of all the workouts you have ever done. (Highlightning @Bryce here - thanks!)

You can back up your workout files using Dropbox :slight_smile:


This all worked out well. Thanks for the support.


How do I edit my build plan from LV to MV? Do I have to delete and start from the original date?

I have signed up for the Haute Route in the Alps in August. I had originally chosen LV thinking it might allow me to ride outside.


Hey @Patrizio!

Take a look at this article from our Help Center, it will walk you through the process :slight_smile:.

I noticed that if I add C Events for the weekly Zwift Team Time Trials they shows as “C”'s correctly and after adding a bunch it will ask to recaculate which I did. If however I “Edit” the plan they don’t show in the event list in the wizard. I’m assuming this doesn’t matter? or do I have to delete them and add them all in the wizard. It’s just a weekly race to kill the covid boredom so I doubt it will impact training but I thought it would be a good change to learn more about plan builders behavior.

If you are running the PB tool (making PB#2), while you already have a PL Plan on the calendar (PB#1, and most importantly, have events linked to PB#1), PB#2 can not access those already linked events.

If your aim is to apply a new PB plan, and have it linked to any/all of your existing events, you are best to deleted PB#1 before doing PB#2.

Not quite what happened to me; let me try again.

  1. I used PB to build PB#1 with 1 event.
  2. On the calendar I directly entered 4 “C” events into the time frame of PB#1
  3. Got prompted on each add to rework plan. Said yes to the first one; no to the next two and yes to the final one.
  4. Went into PB#1 “edit” mode and it didn’t know about the 4”C” events. Canceled.
  5. Went back and deleted 1 “C” event
  6. Back into Edit PB#1 and add the “C” event.
  7. Allow rebuild of plan

In the end the schedule created was the same both ways but in the “C” event done in step 6 seems to be known to PB#1 and the other 3 “C”’s are not. Just wonder if it matters which way we do it.

As long as the plan makes a desired change to match the event revision/addition, I think you are all set with either method.

My situation is I have used plan builder and all my events are canceled for this year but I am just following through with the plan still.
I want to stick with a cycling focus to my training (vs swim and run) so I have put my one A race for 2021 in the calendar (September 2021 gran fondo). So plan builder has built things out to Sept 2021 for me.
However, I am also booked to do my first half ironman at the beginning of June 2021 (Victoria, BC Canada, postponed from 2020).
Starting in January or thereabouts I would like to use plan builder for a low volume half distance plan (as I saw how plan builder can now put into the calendar swim and run workouts, which it did not originally I think).
I am wondering how to do this?

  • When I am ready to start my “official” TR half distance plan do …
    1. add my race into my calendar
    1. delete my current plan
    1. what do I put for a start date (I will have been training consistently up to that point albeit maybe less running and swimming than I will be doing from that point forward). This point confuses me as does the start date take into consideration what you have been doing in the past or does it assume you are starting from a period of time off?

Also then, once my race is done I want to re jump back into essentially cycling only training for my A race, gran fondo mid Sept 2021. So after my half distance race, I guess I won’t need to delete my current plan as it will be over. So I use plan builder to start my new plan with my A race just over 3 months away.
What do I put for my start date here?

Thanks very much,