Outdoor TR workouts/Export to Garmin/Wahoo

So looking at Nate’s strava ride from yesterday it seems the next feature may well be the ability to load your TR workout into a Head unit and take it outside!! This will be awesome, but I hope it isn’t just a Garmin Connext App and us Wahoo users will also benefit!!


I have done multiple base and build cycles outdoors. The workouts are not that complicated. I would memorize them and then go do the work. A couple of times early on, I would write a note and put it in my pocket. But after a couple of weeks, I did not need notes.

For workouts with intervals that are not flat, I would aim to keep my target wattage in the range given or pick a wattage and stick to it. Using Eclipse as an example which is “3x20 minute Sweet Spot efforts (88-94% FTP)”. I would either keep the wattage between 88-94% FTP during the 20min interval or I would split the difference and do 20min@91% FTP.

For something like over-unders which ramp up/down Fang Mountain, I would turn them into non-ramp over-unders like Picket Guard.

Granted, having the workouts in your head unit might be interesting if done right.

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