Our Training Plans are Improving

For the foreseeable future, we’re using data to make incremental improvements to our training plans.

We’ve got the data!

We’ve got year and years of high quality, accurate data on how our users’ complete TrainerRoad workouts. We know their age, their watt/kg, how often they’re training, their history and where they are in a plan.

I’m talking about millions and millions of workouts.

We’ve leveraged some of this data and built an internal system to categorize workouts in the following categories:

  1. Completed Successfully
  2. Completed, but not totally compliant
  3. Failed

We’ve then developed a “Compliance Rate” metric. If you’re in group 1 or 2, we say you’re compliant.

Hard workouts should be hard

In general, our theory is that hard workouts are hard, and they shouldn’t have the same compliance rate as something like Pettit which is aerobic riding for 60 minutes. That being said, there’s also a minimum compliance rate that we’d like to hit.

We have found that some workouts in plans have a lower compliance rate that we’d like.

Sometimes these are because the workout is too soon after a Ramp Test. Other times small tweaks (like increasing RBI from 2 minutes to 2 minutes and 30 seconds) reduces the failure rate by half and doesn’t change the nature of the workout.

With this data in hand, Coach Chad is making small tweaks to our plans.

Plan TSS changes

One thing to note is that TSS could change when we make these tweaks. Some people are OBSESSED with TSS, and if they don’t have an exact point load per week, they will freak. TSS is helpful, but it isn’t everything. We can get the adaptions we want and make you faster even if TSS isn’t a perfect point step.

Timeline for updates

We’ve already updated:

Next up are our road plans. We’ll continue this process for (hopefully) ever. As we get more and more data, we’ll make smaller and smaller changes and customize it more for each individual.

What if I’m currently on a plan?

If you’re currently in a plan, there’s no need to switch your workouts with our new ones, but you are welcome to do that if you want. Think of these as 2-5% plan improvements rather than the new revolutionary plan.

If you want to be aware of updates, please watch this thread and the forum. We’ll post when we make updates.

What’s your exact process for taking into account a failed workout?

We won’t be sharing our exact process to figure this out. It was challenging to develop, and we view it as a competitive advantage.

I can tell you that we’ve thought about people ending workouts because they are busy, equipment failures, skipping just one interval, etc.

If you have any other questions about the process, let me know!


Keep up the great work Nate and TR crew!


Any way TrainerRoad Sponsored Posts can be prioritized at the top of the forum? If only for a few days or a week. Then community posts would just continue as normal down the feed based on “Latest”. This way TrainerRoad posts don’t get lost down the line in the forum.


I’ll pin this one for a while.


How many have sucessfully completed Spanish Needle?


That workout will be changing :wink:. But even if you skip a few intervals, (as it looks like most people do) it’s still a highly productive workout.

Coach Chad hasn’t made the final decision, but we’ll probably build in some rest during the sets.


You guys are studs! Love the drive for continued incremental improvements.


I have it tomorrow…maybe I will add a little rest here and there. :slight_smile:

Still think as you access to our Strava past and other sites like that, you could see where our weaknesses are and from that ask a simple question… Want to be a better… X

and so on…

Machine Learning…

Analyze the past rides seeing where and how Power was put down… clearly this is a Huge thing for those us who have Power Meters… and would be a good reason for others to get them too.

Am I personally doing the right thing by picking a ‘Sprinting’ type of plan right now? Who knows, I had to thumb that out based on the groups rides I go on… want to be able to Sprint better at those Town Lines Sprints that happen… but… is this actually the right move for me? Should I instead be looking at my climbing?

Hello Machine Learning? Got an answer… automatically build a plan for me?

Honestly hope to see you guys head in this direction. Love the plans… but knowing if are indeed the right thing… well thats where that huge amount of past data is helpful and insightful!

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You also have to ask “What are your goals”

No use working on a sprint for a triathlete!

I think everyone is trying to get to where you’re going (I know we sure are). I just think we have the best data to get there :smiley:.


Thank you go letting that Golden Nugget out into the open… Machine Learning… here we come! :smile:

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Yes!!! Awesome!

As an older user of TR , am a right in thinking the future plans will take my age into account or have I got the wrong idea?


We’re always looking at ways to make master’s riders faster :smiley:. I that vague enough for you? :wink:


@Nate_Pearson I’ve probably contributed more fails than most, so any help would be welcome, :rofl:


TR’s resident lanterne rouge? :wink:


You guys keep failing and my workouts will get easier… keep it up fellas!