Nokia Scale / Athlete setting or not?


I’m 75in tall / 201lbs, 190cm/ 91kg. I’m using the Nokia scale…should I use athlete mode or not? If not, my body fat percentage is about 20%. If I do use it, my body fat is 9.6%.

I don’t look like I’m 9.6%…but I don’t think I look like 20%.

Which should I use? Thanks.

Use it ‘Athlete Setting’, standard setting is generally for the untrained i.e not trained at all, and sofa blobs. Hope I can say ‘sofa blobs’ as I don’t think there are any on this forum and it is a just a joke comment.

Actually I recommend not using the athlete setting (even though you are an athlete). There’s another thread on Dexascans in the TR forum, and users found that the scale was closer to the Dexa results when it was set in non-athlete mode. I find that my athlete mode setting is way to low (body fat around 3-5%) whereas my standard mode seems more reasonable.


As I recall back when the guys did DEXA, scales, and fat caliper comparison they found that the non-athlete mode closely corresponded to true total body fat percentage whereas athlete mode corresponded more closely with calipers, which greatly underestimate total body fat. I have a Tanita and use non-athlete mode.


Non athlete mode puts me at 15 which I’d guess is right. I’ll do a dexa scan before the start of the season in the spring (for fun) if the cost is reasonable.