Nate's sweet potato black beans Pico de Gallo recipe

Hi @Nate_Pearson, I just bought 8 cans of black beans at Costco and some Pico and I was hoping you could share your recipe for sweet potatoes topped with black beans and Pico de Gallo?
Specifically how you cook the sweet potatoes. Is there a way to get them not as soft and mushy?
Do you baked them whole, cut them in half,…?
Temperature and duration?
Thank you


I cut sweet potatoes I slices 3-4 mm. I have a Weber barbecue. low heat for 10 min and 2-3 min at high temperature. I love them

Poke them with a fork so they don’t explode :slight_smile:.

Then I do 410 for 1 hour and 15 minutes. That gets em just right. If that doesn’t do them enough, I would up it to 425.

I then put black beans on them and microwave them a bit to heat the beans up (doesn’t take long).

Then pour some pico or hot sauce on them and enjoy the gains!!


I adopted this meal as a frequent lunch…

Poke the sweet potato with a fork
Nuke on potato setting or 5:00 on high for medium SP; OK if it’s undercooked at this point,
Cut open and slice each half with a paring knife so you have a bed of sweet potato cubes
Top with half a can of black beans
Top that with 1 cup or more of frozen broccoli
Top that with pico de Gallo (I even just use medium salsa here sometimes).

Refrigerate in Tupperware and take to work.

Nuke the whole thing for 2:30-3:00 on high.
Dash liberally with Tapatio.

Glorious and easy.


Oh yah, broccoli is :fire: with this combo.

I also started doing straight sweet potato with goji berries. Sounds disgusting but it’s pretty good.


I was cooking sweet potato in the microwave at work and then cutting it lengthwise, adding a tin of tuna and some grated cheese. Easy. And, more importantly, cheap!


Sounds fantastic to me, but would love to see a dates face if you invite her over and serve this as a ‘meal’! :rofl::rofl:

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Sweet potato in the microwave. super quick and easy. Just give it a prick with a fork.

Takes about the same time to cook as it does to fry a steak #perfectcombo

I’m tracking my calories on My Fitness Pal, and would like to know if anyone else here is as well. Would you weigh your sweet potato cooked or uncooked?

I hope you’re not putting the tuna in the microwave, you wouldn’t be allowed back in the building at my job haha.

The smell of tuna in the microwave is so strong

Everyone in this thread needs an InstantPot, pronto.

Toss 2-3 big sweet potatoes into the instant pot on the rack, 1 cup water, 13mins later and you have a perfect lunch every time. Heat black beans on the stove and pile them on!


Sounds exhausting, I’ll stick to 6 mins on a plate in a microwave :wink:


It is actually really nice if you find yourself on the go and need pre-cooked sweet potatoes or if you’re cooking for more than one person. I do 3-4 at a time in the instant pot (same as @Wayne) and thus always have a few cooked and ready to go in the fridge.

I occasionally will grab one and eat it during my warm-ups and if they weren’t pre-cooked I don’t think that’d be nearly as easy

oh, prepping in advance is a different thing altogether, I agree. Although I would usually roast them in that situation to get a nice skin.

No way!

I have an instant pot and love it… but yeah, like 6 min in the microwave, pull out, pop beans and broccoli on it, another 2 minutes, and done. Easy to take to work, but for mass prep, instant pot would be the way to go!

Maybe I’ll try doing the sweet potatoes in the Instant Pot for like 10 min, then put the broccoli and beans on top for about 2 more min, then I can have like 4 meals prepped in 15 min in the pot. Add pico and hot sauce and boom. That could work!

Too much work. I’ll just go to Popeye’s :wink::poultry_leg:


I do mine in the microwave, its about 9 minutes in mine. I do another 1:30 to heat the beans and melt a little cheese (one wants a touch of cheese). I add the salsa at the end.


Don’t forget the feta cheese!

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I had this again for lunch today (with broccoli)… haven’t done it with the cheese yet - that’s a good idea. Fueling after Kaweah today with Geiger +2 tomorrow morning.

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