Lock into old pricing for one week

The entire company has been reading your comments over on this thread.

What hurts is that our users expected more transparent communication from us about the price change.

We hear you, and we’re trying to fix it.

We’re going to do what we’ve done in the past and have a one week period where you can lock into our current rate before our price change.

The new pricing is:
Monthly $15 → $19.95
Yearly $129 → $189

That means you have until August 2nd to lock in at $15/month or $129/year.

Current subscribers don’t have to do anything and will be locked in at their current pricing as long as their subscription stays active.

If you’ve subscribed in the last week, you’ll be getting a refund for the difference and switched to back to $15/month or $129/year depending on your situation. Our support team is working on this now and refunds will go through in a few days.

We understand that no one likes price increases. To put this in perspective, the increase equals 96 cents a week (for yearly) or $1.15 a week (for monthly) of additional cost.

This equates to switching out one SiS gel per week with a banana (and you’d still have some money leftover).

We feel that we’re worth the cost and are still the best value in cycling. We think that nothing makes you faster for less money.

I’m sorry for not announcing the price increase ahead of time as we have before. It was my decision, and it was a bad one.

You can lock in your rate by going here.


I’m going to announce this on the podcast tomorrow and we’ll send an email out to all un-subscribers tomorrow to get the word out.

Thanks for all the feedback on this issue everyone.


Super generous & kind offer. #noexcuses


This is part of the reason you are have a great company and have kept my loyalty. (In addition to a product that has taken my training to the next level.)


I’m grandfathered so a non issue for me. Just want to congratulate you an the team for stepping up, seriously impressed. Well done,




This decision was made based on the feedback from users. Admirable? OK, but I’d give yourself a pat on the back as well.

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Hi Nate
My wife just resubscribed (she got the last day of the $15 anyway)

However the reason she stopped was she was pregnant. I know you talk on the podcast about sports tech companies not taking into account issues like this.

It’s the same reason she cannot commit to an annual plan too.

Have you thought about how to accommodate pregnant users (whom are absolutely not able to continue - I know many can, but many cannot)



I haven’t thought about that. Can you PM me on the forum please?


I think TR is worth 10x what I pay for it now (happy to keep paying the same price though :grinning:)


Wasn’t impacted by this, but great to see. Nicely done.


Thumbs up from me not because I think TR did anything wrong with their approach, but rather reading the other threads it is clear how much of an engaged and passionate CEO Nate is. Also because they recognize how passionate their user base is and the asset that brings them. :+1:


This is why my money goes to you TrainerRoad. Good decision @Nate_Pearson, thanks for keeping it real. Great to see a CEO that listens to customers and is not afraid to openly admit mistakes. Kudos.


This is why i’m happy to be a yearly subscriber.
CEO that listens to their customer base whether it be good or bad


This is great. Not the price, but the addressing of the issue.

Also Since I can’t seem to find a bug report on the page I’m dropping this here. The 1 in Subscription box is not the proper font size and Subscription price is listed in € and Upcoming Payment is listed in $. Not sure if the last one is intentional, just pointing it out.


Bravo @Nate_Pearson! The initial handling of the increase may have been mishandled, but admitting the misstep and taking proper actions to correct it speaks volumes for the kind of company TrainerRoad is and wants to be. Kudos to you and your team. :wink:


Agreed. Everybody makes mistakes. Admitting to them, rectifying them and not making them again is the hard part. @Nate_Pearson kudos to your leadership and engagement with your customers. You just cemented my loyalty and membership fees.


A genuinely sound offer @Nate_Pearson Chapeau :+1:

I may be naive but TR is the only company I’ve ever felt ‘part’ of. It helps that when you started the beta in 2011 I was starting to race triathlon more seriously, and huge part of my improvements is down to you and your team.

However the ease of communication with the company, your (and other employees) engagement personally with users, via the forum and the podcast and genuine openness as a company is one of the main reasons that make you stand out, as well as the quality product.

Don’t underestimate how much value that has and how much loyalty it generates within your user group. It’s not something you can buy or create artificially. Keep the improvements and innovations coming :grinning:


I don’t think you will find another CEO in the world better than what we see in Nate at TR. A CEO that comes out and takes responsibility by saying that he made a bad (matter of opinion) decision and then allows subscribers to move to annual plans is not something many other CEO’s would do. Whilst I am fortunate in that I have this opportunity to move over to the cheaper annual plan, in a weird way I actually feel bad for doing so. I think what TR has done for us cyclists has been way more valuable than any new bike or component has. They are truly passionate about what they do and we as cyclists are very lucky that this company exists.


Chapeau Nate

Not something that I think you needed to do, I think your original decision was justified.

However, you’ve listened to the people and addressed their concerns in the best way possible. Well done for a great product and incredible customer service.