Lab Results: RMR, Dexa and VO2Max

Last week, I had my RMR, DEXA and VO2Max tests. I wanted take a measured approach to my weight loss.
I am 5-8 and 184 lbs currently.

My RMR test yielded 2376. I was almost on the far right end of the Slow-Normal-Fast metabolism scale. This surprised me. Perhaps this is because I am in midst of the first of 3 training blocks (SS Mid Vol1).
To me, the RMR seems a bit high. In comparison, I had an RMR test done last July when I was not riding as much. That came out to be 1750ish. The only difference is that this RMR test had me scrunch off my nose through a painful device and all breathing took place via a pipe through my mouth. The older one I was laying down and a plastic umbrella was placed on my upper body. Not the most efficient but does nto explan a 600 calorie delta between the 2 RMR tests.
So, I was wondering, those of of you near my height and wieight; if you had your RMR test done, what was the result?

DEXA: The 3 musketeers mentioned the Withing scale in one of their podcasts. So I bought it. I was stunned to see a 25 lb differential in LBM between the Withings and the DEXA. Obviously, the DEXA is the gold standard. I was just surprised to see a 120lb LBM for DEXA versus 145 via Withings/Nokia.
My initial goal was 154 lbs. But based on the DEXA, it looks like that I have the potential to down to 145 lbs.
I do plan on weight training to improve my pitiful body composition.

The VO2MAX test I took just for kicks to see where my fitness is at. I was measured at 43/ml/kg. This is low but the relative number should go up as I lose weight.

Tomorrow I have a lactate test and an LT1 and LT2 test to measure at what power and HR I am oxidizing fat vs sugar.

All this is an effort to approach my weightloss in a scientific way. Weightloss being higher priority than fitness for the next 6 months.

Thoughts welcome.

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Listen to today’s podcast - great info on this topic


Will do, @pwandoff

Your Dexa vs scale numbers/differences seem pretty inline with what others have mentioned in this thread:

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Just out of curiosity, where did you have the tests done?

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Grandview Primary Care in Columbus, OH. Are you in Columbus as well?
P.S. It is not really a primary care. They are essentially a sports lab and a gym with trainers.
I also had a B12 shot there.

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Im not, I’m in Austin, we have the UT Sports Medicine and Human Performance Center here at the University of Texas. I was just curious what all types of places are offering these services.

Just was noodling around YouTube and TR made the section a clip…

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Watching it now. :slight_smile: Thank you.

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