Kickr Snap Power Smoothing in Standard Mode

Am I missing an option for power smoothing for a smart trainer in standard mode?

I think there are no options like that for normal. It’s just an ERG mode deal (in the Wahoo app).

If you want more smooth readings, you can use the power smoothing in the TR app.

I have it on and set for 7 seconds in the TR app but it clearly isnt smoothing…it jumps all over the place in standard mode.

Hey Craig!

The Power Smoothing effects only the numerical Power Reading, it does not change the way the graph itself appears. Sadly, there is no way to change how smooth the graph appears, short of switching to ERG mode where a bit of smoothing is applied on the trainer end.

Sorry I don’t have better news for you :pensive:

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Thanks Bryce, I know it only affects the numerical power reading…it seems with the Kickr it just jumps around like it isnt smoothed at all on the numerical reading.

Hmm, that’s very unusal. What version of the application are you using? If the power smoothing is not working, I would try logging out of the app and back into it to see if that helps.

I know that sounds like the typical “turn it off and back on” advice, but it may work in this case.

If it doesn’t would you mind reporting your issue to our Support Team at so that we can investigate this possible bug?

Thanks a bunch, sorry for the inconvenience.

I use the Windows version…I will try logging out and see what happens.

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That seems to have fixed it…thanks Bryce.