Kickr Core problem

I have no idea

This literally happened to me this week. Called Wahoo Customer Support (1 (877) 978-1112) They created a ticket for me immediately. I had to do nothing more than give them name, mailing address, phone number, proof of purchase, and picture with the model number that is the sticker located below the fly wheel. They emailed me back within 90 minutes and said my new one would be shipped out in the next 48 hours and I should have by Wednesday, Thursday this coming week. They then sent an email about the new power supply.

All I have to do when I get the new uint is ship the old unit back in the box with the prepaid label they supplied.

Ill let you know if they are any problems with it. Frustrating… Absolutely. But happy with their customer service. My next bike computer will absolutely be a Wahoo just because of that. I am a life long Garmin guy and have had problems in the past with Garmin units and their service was a nightmare.

Shitty situation but Wahoo just gained a customer for the future for me.


Thanks, good info
I’ll call Monday

177 hours on a kickr core since oct/nov. i think i might have a good one.


What’s the ESD problem? I have the original Kickr and never user bluetooth, only Ant+. Does this ESD problem affect all the wireless protocols. Was thinking of getting a Core to replace my original Kickr, which is 5 years old now, because I want to get a climb and a quieter trainer. But with these kinds of issues I might consider going to the Tacx for the silence and forego the climb.

My Kickr Snap has also stopped working with the firmware upgrade and TR upgrade.

Not sure if this is valid for your Kick Core though…

ESD stands for electrostatic discharge. Basically, the 2018 line of Kickr products wasn’t designed to dissipate static discharge properly, so the circuit boards can be damaged. It is more prevalent in dry air with surfaces with higher propensity to produce static electricity (carpeted rooms for example).

Apparently Wahoo have put a diode on their board and have advised using a different power supply to fix the issue.

Just updating you guys. My new unit was shipped on Monday. Arriving today. In the new unit they also include a new power cord that is supposed to help with the issue. I haven’t read much about the power cord issue but its supposed to help in addition.

Happy riding fellas.

The new cord includes the 3rd grounding prong (while the original one was only a 2-prong version). That is meant as protection for the boards that don’t feature the recent update (adding a diode?) to help prevent ESD damage.

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I have a Kickr Core that is experiencing the known loud droning noise. I’ve created a ticket. I cannot seem to find my proof of purchase. What did you provide to them?

It also depends on where you live. In Finland and EU you don’t have to have the proof of purchase for warranty claims. It is enough if you can provide a good explanation that you have purchased it during the warranty period. (Bank statement, shipping information or just the fact that the device was first sold less than the warranty period.)

Hi all,
Recently purchased a Kickr Core on the 26/12/2019.

I’m a little confused on how it is supposed to normally sound as I get a rubbing noise when I pedal, but is more noticeable when I let it freewheel.


I have raised a Wahoo support ticket and they have come back and told me:
“the rhythmic sound you are hearing is the point in which the belt is mended and the sound will dissipate with time.”

I just wanted to get other opinions on fellow Kickr Core users, and confirm that this is in fact normal?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve had a couple instances of some flywheel rub that have dissipated within the first ride. Usually happens after I move the trainer.

Looks like my Core has fallen victim to ESD death. I’ll start warranty proceedings on Monday, but since I don’t think there is a single spare kickr (out of stock everywhere, back-ordered at the distributor) in Australia at the moment I’m not liking my chances of getting a speedy replacement.

I think i also have the same issues i do have power on zwift:traineroad but its way to high and the trainer provides no resistance.

Just had the ESD death happen on my Kickr Core. The unit is 25 months old so out of warranty period. Any chance Wahoo will replace or am I completely out of luck?

there’s only one way to find out. phone them.

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Does the normal Kickr have the same issue with ESD?

I have now a Kickr Core for 2 years and still fine, but think about to sell this one and buy a Kickr.

Or is a Tacx Neo a better choice?

I can’t say with any certainty if it applies to the KICKR. It’s supposedly only on the CORE, but I don’t know for sure. The electronics don’t really seem any different, so I’m a bit suspicious. No proof otherwise, but haven’t really looked for it.

Neo has it’s share of problems too. You should do your research, get onto support groups, etc. The Neo 2T has been good to me, and so has the Saris H3. :man_shrugging:

One thing to note about the Neo. With TR, if you use Standard mode, it’s not supported. Only ERG, and Resistance. You’d need SIM mode to get the slope style, which TR does not do. I haven’t checked if the H3 is supported for Standard mode. The KICKRs are, though.

I can only say I’ve had bad luck with the KICKR V4, but good luck with the KICKR V1, so YMMV, clearly. The KICKR V5 has had it’s share of problems too.

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Thank you @iamholland

I have warranty till 1 december 2021, so before that date i like to sell Kickr Core before i got problems…
Where can i find the problems with Kickr V5?