🎉🎉🎉 Introducing Plan Builder! 🎉🎉🎉

Im currently playing with options in plan builder. All my target events are TT and it’s successfully selected the correct plans for that.

However… Im currently nearing the end of SSBII and I can’t quite get things to line up properly with the end of SSBII… this may especially be because I have pushed and pulled weeks around due to illness and travel so my SSB I and II dont line up properly anymore. With the plan I’ve built in calendar currently I would start SPB on Jan 7th but I can’t seem to get plan builder to align with that.

Since we do not have duathlon plans in our training catalog, we don’t have plans for adding a duathlon race type at the moment. As Nate likes to say, we want to perfect one sport (cycling) before we start to devote resources to dialing in the multisport/running/swimming side of things.

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Great progress to the Plan Builder to this point! But for Masters (myself included), and likely a few others … I think it will be more convenient to stick with the tradition TR plan setup, creating and adjusting manually to fit individual needs. Let the bugs get worked out of Plan Builder, and wait for items like “vacation” and “masters” to be added before jumping into the Plan Builder. Definitely look forward to playing with it in the future.


I have to agree with this.

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:wave: I’m fine with it. I sort of automatically translated “race” to “not actually a race but an event that I’m planning for and want to have fun riding” in my head.


I have tested and like the Plan Builder in general. However, as a 46yo masters age rider, I prefer a 4/1, 3/1, 3/1 progression for Sweet Spot Base 1 & 2 alternative from Nate’s original concept. That means the only real way to do it is the “old” way (apply one phase at a time), without the Plan Builder.

I have applied my Base according to my alternative. When I complete that, I may use the past date option in the Plan Builder to pick up from there. As is, I need to manually apply the adjustments outside of a Plan Builder setup since it is not practical to do that on the calendar.


I just deleted the plan to recreate a new one after I removed some events. After scrolling through the plan just to check it out, I noticed it had shifted all of my triathlon events a day forward, my CX and TT events have stayed put, just the tri events have been mysteriously rescheduled.

Quick note for the TR team, I noticed a typo on the FAQ:

Why is Plan Builder suggesting I do more than one Build Phase?

  • Athletes that have a moderate level of experience with interval training can benefit from more time spent in the Build Phase to fully reach their potential. Doing too many weeks in a row of Build training can be extremely fatiguing, so Plan Builder will split up excessively long Build Phases with a Build or Specialty Phase.

The word ‘build’ that I italicized should probably read ‘base’ instead.

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Fixed :+1:


Hey there!

Sorry about that happening. Thanks for the report! I was able to get a similar thing to happen, and I’m wondering if you can confirm some “steps” so we can isolate the issue.

I can get a triathlon to move back one day if I do the following:

  • add a triathlon to some time in the last week of June 2020
  • go through Plan Builder, import the triathlon
  • add an opener to it
  • schedule the plan

Then the triathlon is moved back a day. I’m having difficulty reproducing the issue when scheduling triathlons in, say, March and August.

Could you let me know what you did? I’m trying to see if this is a timezone issue, or if it just takes the right combination of options/choices to trigger it to happen.

Bnied I’m sorry. I’m a bit confused. Read the article on the link and it talks about warm-ups in the race day. Though openers were to be done in the last day before a race. Could anyone confirm when should this exercices like Laurel, Cajon or Pahrah be done, as a workout the day before an race or as a warm-up previous to the race or in both cases?


  1. I had Tri races scheduled for the 6th June, 27th June & 16th August (Originally created from within the plan builder creation tool as auto updating the plan builder from the calendar for tri events wasn’t available then).
  2. Deleted entire plan builder plan, the 6th June tri event (on purpose) as well as accidentally deleting 16th August event - the title heading for the event had duplicated, with a lone heading appearing in the 15th & another heading on the 16th along with the component tri “sub-events”. I deleted the 15th heading which also deleted the 3 swim, cycle, run components in the 16th slot.
    (Still with me?)
  3. I recreated the 16th event from within the calendar, selected “update plan builder” afterward, scrolled through to find all my tri events had moved to the day before originally scheduled.
  4. I deleted the plan again, I dragged the 27th June and 16th August tri events back to their correct date and ran through the plan builder, telling it to recognise all my events and to add openers to B events. Upon completion, I scrolled through and again, those pesky events had moved back day (to the 26th & 15th respectively).

Hope that sheds some light on things. I think I confused myself just typing it!
Kudos for the customer communication, always a massive plus for the platform !

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You can put it in a plan for up to two years. We like the idea of taking some time off between seasons, then you do the whole thing over again (hopefully at a higher starting FTP if you’re youngish, or at the same or close to the same FTP if you’re getting older).


I have all my weekly races which is 40 in there and 3 weekend races so far and picked one as my A race. It planned around the weekly races. Amazing tool! With that said make sure you pick the proper designation for them ABC. I had two A races two close together and it gave me that no dice you need to fix this.

I went through the Plan Builder process for a few Triathlon events coming up this season but get an error message at the end.

Any ideas why?

Awesome - thanks for the detailed response! I think we’ve got it pinned down. It’s a weird one. I’ve made an issue for it, so it’ll get worked on.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Oh, I whole heartedly agree. That’s what I do too. I’m just thinking about the ones who can’t get past it. I’m sure there are a number of users who just can’t get past the terminology and pick an event type that is similar to the one their doing…even if it isn’t a race. Without doing the user research, I’m sure there’s a percentage there that gets a little miffed by it.

Not sure if it’s been raised already, but the ‘scroll-jacking’ seems a bit OTT since the feature came into general release. A teeny bit of scrolling and the inertia takes me all the way to the top or bottom of the schedule!

(Safari 12.1.2 on Mac OS 10.14.6)

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We noticed this, too. It’s issued up. :slight_smile:

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Sorry for not clarifying on this one. We tied the workouts to a proper opener workout based on the warm-up post, but they should be scheduled the day before the event.

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