🎉🎉🎉 Introducing Plan Builder! 🎉🎉🎉

I have like 20 races in mine across A, B and C priorities and it’s awesome! Plan Builder can add in openers for B races and plan around those appropriately. Give it a shot!


It let me add 2 a races. One in may and one in September


@Jonathan I truly believe this is one of the best things trainer roads has ever added. Thanks to everyone at tr for this


As of now, they just need to be 8 weeks apart for that to work. Pretty cool!


Thank you! We are super excited :smiley:


Absolutely amazing… This is a proper tool!

If I sign up for more races, and add them later will the plan adapt or do I have to recalculate after?


~As of now, you have to recalculate.~

Never mind! @bnied just blew my mind!


Pie in the sky feature request, would be cool to able to upload a course profile of the race you are targeting and have the plan generated around that. Could potentially start modifying plans as well closer to the target event :wink:


@Jonathan @FilReis22 adding more events after the fact should actually allow you to just account for them in your plan that has already been applied :wink:.



Would like it if there was a possibility to factor in what plan i´m currently on, for example if i just finished sweet spot base and want to start on a build plan. easy workaround is of course to add a build plan and then start plan builder after that. Otherwise great tool especially for us less experienced riders, great to see TR keep improving! :grinning:


I am going to check it out later but you all are on :fire: bravo :clap:


Awesome!! Thanks!!!


I was thinking the same thing. I’m partway into a plan now, and it would be nice if it could take that in to account. (I have a workaround for now, just to learn what it choices it makes.)

Looks nice so far. 2 quick suggestions:

  1. Add this info to the Events tab (when the option of no events is selected).
  1. The “Add Opener to B events” option seems to just replace the workout before the event with an opener…even if that workout is 2 or more days before…which is not really the purpose of an opener.
    Possible solution:
  • If workout day before event, replace with opener
  • If no workout day before event, insert opener day before and reduce intensity of workout prior to that opener (in case it’s a day before the opener)

Thanks, I got hung up on that.

@bnied I put start on Jan 20th, my A race as a climbing road race on Nov 7th, and C rolling road races every Wed from first week of March to end of October. The plan came back as:

  • SSB-1
  • Sustained Build
  • SSB-2
  • Sustained Build
  • SSB-2 (if Advanced experience, or SSB-1 for Intermediate)
  • Climbing Road Race

Does that seem right? From the Too Much Time! help article (4. Add Additional Build and Speciality) I was expecting a more traditional SSB-1, SSB-2, Sustained, SSB-2, Sustained, Climbing Road Race would have been suggested. Does Plan Builder take the C races into account?

Already rebuilt my previously made plan for the year and I’m excited to dig into it more. I foresee this bringing a lot more clarity to the more unpredictable/dynamic nature of the road season for me and as a potential way to break my chronic mid race season plateau. Also, it’s really going to clean the “I have an event in…” TrainerRoad Facebook group comments up!

The only clunky thing I’ve encountered up to this point in experimenting is…

I accidentally set a B race as an A race. I had “Add openers to B races” on. When I put the event back to “B” it didn’t add an opener or do any recalculation like I expected.

Great work, I’m always excited about these features that make TrainerRoad a "year round’ tool.

So this is pretty much the gold standard for official TR recommendations now, then? If we plug in and get a result, that’s the best answer, or?

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Yes, we downloaded Chad’s brain into this. If you think something is off please report it here. There might be some edge cases that we need to code for.

And other times it’s Chad’s will and just do what he says :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


@bbarrera what you received is what is expected. Thanks for pointing out the help center article. This one is a bit out of date and needs updating. I suspect there are a few others that need to be updated as well.


I just started SSB1MV, but it won’t allow me to start in the past. What’s the suggested tweak then? Just start at the end of the base plan?