🎉🎉🎉 Introducing Outside Workouts! 🎉🎉🎉

true dat!


My Garmin TSS was always higher than TrainerRoad TSS for outside rides UNTIL I realized that a privacy zone I’d set in Strava was tricking TrainerRoad into thinking I’d ridden fewer miles than reality. You don’t have that going on do you @cyclhist?



I’m not advocating for 1:1 inside:outside conversions. I think that’s unnecessary and slightly crazy.

I’m trying to understand why so many indoor workouts have wildly varied alternate versions when it seems as if the original inside workout could port directly over to outside execution unaltered.

And I wouldn’t even bother to pursue the question, except that I count at least a dozen other commenters in the thread asking the same thing.

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That would make sense, you basically vanish from the surface of the planet when you enter the privacy zone as far as Strava is concerned.

  1. We haven’t decided this yet. As I said above we might have the same inside workout be available outside as well.

  2. You can push piece meal workouts. This is just the beginning, we’ll expand the option for outside only workouts scheduled on the calendar.

  3. Not right now. We’re rebuilding the workout creator and I can see this being part of that.

There are no plans for audio queues (done by us) since we can now push workouts to Garmin and Wahoo.

That’s a good question, I don’t know the answer. I’ll email Garmin and ask.

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For that, they are both working VO2 Max. We have finer grain control to match low vo2max with traditional vo2max but that’s going to take a bit longer to do.

We don’t have plans to have multiple FTPs.

I’ve noticed this too and I thought it was just me. Could you email support@trainerroad.com with some examples? We could then send those to Garmin. Let us know if Garmin Connect has the same TSS as us. I think Garmin Connect is right, but on my 1030 it reads too high.

Yes, you have to add it on the web (but you can do it from your phone). We’ve got an updated desktop app coming soon that will allow you to do it from that, then well add it to mobile.

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Doing what you’re asking would be more complex then what we’re doing now and would have pushed this out a bit.

That being said I think it’s a good idea and I think we will do it.

Absolutely! Will do.

I’m doing all outdoor workout by uploading workout in my element bolt head unit.
You need to upload in your phone a *.plan version of the workout. Once the phone is synced, you can access it.

To create the *.plan version of the workout might be a bit tricky if you’re not used to conputer/programming.

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This is a great feature.
I tried to add Tallac 4 but when I changed it to outside the ride got changed to Sylvania. Just a Beta bug?

Not a bug, the indoor workouts and outdoor workouts different sets of workouts. Several indoor workouts may map to a single outdoor one and the outdoor workout is seldom exactly the same as its indoor counterpart.

In this case the indoor workout named Tallac +4 is mapped to the outdoor workout named Sylvania.

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Wait, what?

Is this a thing now, a slip of the fingers, or just a typo?

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Not a typo. It will happen as Wahoo sent an email about increased 3rd party app partners.

Pics from the email:

  • image

  • image


Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t fun. I was cooked by the end. I just had my clock, power, 3 s average, heart rate, and the junction workout written down on my stem. The sprints were tough, but way more value in doing them outside than in.

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