🎉🎉🎉 Introducing Outside Workouts! 🎉🎉🎉

If you look at the poll we did earlier, 75% of people thought this was useful and 25% thought it was not. We would have skipped this step if the numbers were flipped.

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I’m not sure this chart is in line with how TR is applying RPE, at least as far as I can tell. For instance, when I look at the outdoor replacement for Wright Peak -1 (a Sweet Spot workout), it gives me 3x25 min at an RPE of 7. This table has an RPE of 7 at the upper end of VO2Max unless I’m reading it wrong. I suppose the description of the outdoor TR workout (Royston) could also have a typo, but other workouts I’m looking at suggest that they may be basing it off of a different scale because the replacements for the couple Threshold workouts I looked at seem to suggest intervals at an RPE of 8, and the one VO2Max workout I looked at suggested 3 min intervals at an RPE of 9. Meanwhile, the Endurance workouts seem to be replaced with workouts suggesting an RPE of 4, which is what this chart suggests for Sweet Spot. For workouts where the outside workout is more of a direct translation of the indoor workout, it probably matters less because you can base it off of how the type of interval you’re doing typically feels to you, but it would be interesting to know the scale they’re using for judging RPE on outdoor workouts that differ in makeup from their indoor counterparts because the indoor workout would be more difficult to replicate outside.

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I trust when Nate says “soon” it is actually within reach, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t a running joke in software development.


I agree, it may not line up with their targets. They do not have bike specific ones listed directly, but there are some for Runs and Swims.

I shared the ones on my chart, that are derived from Dr. Coggan’s info as linked on Training Peaks. Not sure if the TR workouts are meant to match up, as there is a lack of info in that regard right now.

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:joy: Please quote me with how long it took from me saying “Soon” and me announcing what ever you think I’m going to announce.


Looking at that link, I’d guess that the scale they’re using for Swims and Runs is what is intended by the RPE for the outdoor bike workouts as well. They seem to line up pretty closely. Thanks for sharing that!

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Sure thing. I may need to add a column so I have the Coggan and TR RPE values setup appropriately for each.

:ocean: :otter: announcement I hope. :crossed_fingers: Prove me wrong!

From the TR Chart:

  • image

I added a “TR RPE” column and tried to align it. Does this seem right?


OK. Sorry to be a party pooper, but outdoor workouts were available yesterday, but are gone today. I have enabled Outside workouts under “Early Access”, but still can’t choose outside workouts. I’m in final week of SSB LVII.

Just a heads up, we had to make a change this evening to Outside Workouts that unfortunately causes the swap to an outside option to be unavailable. This change should be fully deployed within the next couple hours.


All other things being equal, yes it does…but all other things aren’t equal particularly when it comes to perceived exertion which is affected by things that don’t affect power or HR.

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Yup, RPE is a less than perfect solution. But I like trying to get my info closer to the TR targets since it may be useful for me and others. Fuzzy as it is, it might be better than nothing.

Also, it may be confusing with the Coggan one next to it. I will refine it over time and see if I can make it useful and clear at least.

Thanks for posting this - I came on just to ask why the outside ride options were suddenly unavailable.

Yeah, that seems to match my understanding of the table and at least seems consistent with the outside workouts I’ve looked at so far.

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Awesome upgrade to the system. I however would much rather it be heart based based instead of RPE…BUT because of this change I have just ordered a 4IIII’s power meter. I was really impressed that they jumped into the TR forums to address some users issues!

105 Power meter should hopefully arrive soon!

Thx TR team. Either my wallet is lighter or my credit card is heavier!!!

Also is there a way to move the outdoor workouts to the garmin edge on my own? Sorry I am a brand new garmin user!


@anirudh @Scheherazade we finished deploying our update and outside workouts should be available again.

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Go to connect.garmin.com, login to your account, and select Training->Workouts from the menu pane. You can then create workouts.

Once you’ve finished creating your workout, you can use the Garmin Connect app on the phone to send it to your Garmin head unit. You will find your workouts under “Training” section of the Garmin Connect app.

Note that you can only create workouts from connect.garmin.com, not from the Garmin Connect app on your phone.

Awesome! Thank you. Going to attempt my brick outdoors tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face: