Intermittent Fasting, Lab Testing, Why Sweetspot is Hard & More – Ask a Cycling a Coach 194

Join us live for a discussion on whether intermittent fasting is good for endurance training, how to use lab test data to improve performance, why Sweetspot training is so hard and much more. Episode 194 is live this Thursday at 8:00am Pacific!

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Can’t wait to hear the latest podcast. I am still processing Amber’s podcast. Keep up the great work :cowboy_hat_face:

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One of the pieces that would be great to clarify is WHEN it makes sense to do fasted rides, and when you should avoid them. I think it ties well into all 3 of the bullets, and there’s been a fair bit of discussion on here about which rides during a plan you should/could do while fasted and which you should avoid.


Why is Sweetspot training so hard? Simples…Coach Chad is just a meanie! Bet you he’ll try and fool us with science though so we go away not thinking that…


Great. They are totally gonna use me as the example for sweet spot disaster. :man_facepalming:

Well, if you can’t be famous, might as well be infamous!!


I understood that the research was fairly clear on this.

To see a performance benefit from fasted rides they need to be low intensity.

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I’m looking forward to hearing the current take on IF, as my own reading suggests there’s little proven benefits, training, riding or otherwise. Research suggesting benefits isn’t the same as proving it, which is all that seems to be there at the moment. I’m not dismissive of it just to be clear, as I (continue) to read up on it because of the potential benefits (I wasn’t going looking to prove it didn’t have benefits).

The most recent potential benefits I’ve heard are less to do with fat adaption, and more to do with gut health. I’m looking forward to hear Coach Chad’s current take on it, as if I recall correctly from earlier podcasts he has gone down the fat adaption route in the past.

Some good topics in there.

Having bragged shamelessly about second place in a mtb race where there were 5 people in my category. I would like to point out to Nate that a win is a win, regardless :wink:

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YAY! @ambermalika IS THERE!


I’m riding hunter as I watch, about to start 2nd interval at 92%!

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Amber mentioned unflavored whey protein last week and I wondered what brand she uses?


@Nate_Pearson is WAY more funny and charismatic with the Lady in the room. Its cracking me up.


Not listening live so, if not discussed, how many hours is considered “fasted” before doing fasted workout? (e.g. before dinner)

I thought I was looking at the wrong video . Happy to see Amber is back!!



Typically around 8

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I believe she mentioned Bob’s Red Mill and Tera’s in another post as they dissolve well.


Now I feel weird, because my sweet spot is really pleasant. Maybe I should re-test. Also, I look at my heart rate, and I know what is unsustainable, so seeing a heart rate I know isn’t bad, I know I can do it. I know HR isn’t for training, but having it as something that reminds me what I’m doing on the trainer is doable is a fine smile-maker.

Yeah, I’m definitely geared toward sweet spot, I do really well in that zone (of course, I really suck above threshold lol). I’m in SSB2 HV and have yet to feel really exhausted or burned by the plan (and I did the HV version last year)

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I thought I was looking at the wrong video . Happy to see Amber is back!!

I thought so too! I had to go check!