Inside Ride Kickr E-Flex Trainer Motion System

I don’t think so. These rocking platforms have been around now for few years. I think we would’ve seen someone bring this up. Also, maybe not related but I tested the KICKR with other rockers to see if the rocking motion have any effect on power measurement and didn’t see any.


No issues for me after many years of use. The max lean angle is 7* per side, and most often between 4* or less. It is a tiny amount of movement and super smooth transition. I see now reason why that would ever cause an issue.

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Pulled the trigger on a new Kickr yesterday, and will be in line for one of these when it comes out…so I guess I’ll be among the early adopters to provide a review.

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Please share comments and video when you get one.

If the price really ends up at $399, then this is going to put massive pressure on Saris and the other existing commercial rocker plates. Here’s hoping for the the $399 price.

Competition = good :smiley:

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I live in the Portland, OR area, and happened to notice on their webpage that InsideRide is here as well. Sent them an email and they let me purchase an early unit. (I paid full price and can confirm it is $399).

I have two rides on it so far (Baxter and Goddard) so not a lot of time on it yet. It does indeed move fore and aft, and I find this to be the best feature. It provides immediate feedback on pedal stroke, uneven pedaling and you’re moving all over, smooth it out and it settles down.

I’m still getting used to the tilting and steering connection, but the second ride felt much more natural than the first. Larry (from InsideRide) provided me some instructions today that will help.

It does work with a 2014 Kickr. Turns out the flywheel offset (it is further outward from the center leg) is different on my 2014 Kickr so we had to “preload” the system a little to get it balanced. InsideRide now has a permanent solution and I’m headed over there tomorrow to have my unit upgraded.

I really like the way it feels, much more “outside ride” feel than just the Kickr alone. I don’t ride rollers and haven’t ridden other rocker plates so can’t compare.

Anyone know how to upload video to the forum? It’s not letting me.

Let me know if you guys have any questions, I’ll answer them if I can. (I asked Larry if it was ok to post that I had one, he said “Yeah, tell everyone”.)

  1. Post your video to YouTube first.
  2. Copy the “Share” link from the YouTube source, post that link in the forum thread, and it will link to your video.
  • I think you can also use the “Embed” option, but I haven’t used that one in particular.

Thanks so much for the info. I am really excited to read the comments and am looking forward to the video. It kills me that they don’t have any videos posted yet. Their last official one is over 7 years old and seems crazy to me. They have a great product, but do a poor job on marketing (and their website is well behind the times too).

I’d love to see them step up the game and get their stuff more seen and known.

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Second Chad on wanting to see the video - I just really need to see it in action before I pull the trigger.

And yeah - their marketing is terrible…I asked them to post a video on their FB page and their response was basically, “Maybe DCRainmaker will make one”…seemed really odd that they’re relying on 3rd parties to do something so simple.

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Here is a quick (crappy) video of the movement. I’ll make a ride video tonight or tomorrow.


I think you have the video marked as private on youtube - I’m unable to view…thanks for making it!

How 'bout now?

Still private for me when I just tried.

It worked for me. Pretty keen to see it with someone on the bike.

Inside Ride posted a link to Tariq’s good review on their Floating Fork Stand via their FB page. I asked about a video and more info on the E-Flex… and they gave the same “Hopefully DCR will do one…”.

And what is wrong or impossible with the manufacturer making a debut video???

I just don’t get it. You’d think they would want to take ownership of the initial presentation of a new product.

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I’ll get it done soon. Keep in mind I’m a 49 year old recreational cyclist - DC Rainmaker I am not.


Video works for me now…looks good, can’t wait to see it ridden

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For those that can view the video, what region are you in?

I am US based and wondering it there is some other restriction besides the typical public/private setting?

I’ve got my video and post going live tomorrow morning my time. My video is done, just need to export it out and upload it in the morning. And then wrap a post around it. First-look style post after roughly three rides now.

The video includes three concurrent camera angles and the Zwift screen in real-time. Well, three cameras till the one on the ceiling fell off the ceiling…then it became two camera angles…


SWEEETTT!!! :+1: :star::1st_place_medal:

Ha, perfect. I’m out.

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