Indoor TR workouts on the Wahoo Elemnt

Is there a way to load indoor TR workouts onto an Elemnt Bolt? I prefer to not use my phone for managing my devices but instead use my Elemnt Bolt. At times, if I’ve got too much connected to my phone (HR monitor, Kickr, Bluetooth headset, Roku remote, power meter pedals) I can start get dropped signals to some or all of the devices. What I prefer to do is load my Training Peaks workouts to my Elemnt Bolt and let the Bolt connect to all my training devices while my phone connect to my environment device (headsets, TV, roku, etc).

My ask, just like the outdoor workouts, is there a way to setup indoor workouts on the Elemnt Bolt without doing a whole bunch of hacks to get it to work?

Yes, I am aware and capable that I could scrape my training plan and workouts, convert them to something training peaks can use, and then upload them to training peaks which would sync with my Bolt. While that’s a fun little experiment, one I have tinkered with already, I would much rather not spend my limited time developing work-arounds and manual processing when there could be a direct interaction.

Most workouts that are part of the TR Training Plans have a 1:1 outdoor workout match. You can actually set a workout “Outside” and get it on your Bolt, then perform the workout with the Bolt controlling the trainer. Some of the Endurance workouts use shared workouts for their outdoor option, but they are generally close.

So, you should be able to use this function.

Thanks for the reply.

It would be nice if it was just an additional feature. The amount of work to get it functional shouldn’t be that difficult, of course depending on how the code features were built. The functionality is there it’s just filtering out workouts that are set to outdoor.

Something like

if wahoo_training_location == indoor
  sync indoor workout from calendar
else wahoo_training_location == outdoor
 sync outdoor workout from calendar

Anyways, thanks again for the reply!

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Ramp tests are Indoor only on TrainerRoad and cannot therefore be synced. There are tests that you would obviously want to do on a KICKR and can’t because they don’t have an Outdoor option.