I wonder if anyone know maybe how not to gain weight when exercising with weights?

Incidentally, I ran into one when I read on a weightlifting forum that there are people who look average in weight and can lift large weights. And I’m happy with my weight even though it’s not big.Because there is no explanation for it anywhere, and there are probably people like us who are not interested in gaining masses.

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check out my topic I am gaining weight after going to the gym! (Gained 5kgs!) :slight_smile: sometimes gaining weight is better as it is good for your bone density. My weight is currently 73kilos but I am assuming that it is just water retention and it will reduce as my body gets used to lifting.

Edit: It is ok to gain weight during the off season but the weight will reduce as you start getting on the bike more and just hit the gym to maintain what you have gained.

If i dont wont to get mass, that doesnt mean that i m skinny. And i m not talking about getting fat, i m just that type that easly get bigger muscle mass when i lift weights.

So you want to get stronger with out gaining mass. There is a way to do that Coach Chad talked about that in one of the podcasts.

What I got from the article below is lift heavier, lift faster, with less reps, less sets (then the body builder) and more rest time between sets (1 to 2 minutes).

Hope this helps.

it will come off when spring riding ramps up, i wouldn’t worry about it. The benefit of being a total athlete and really strong is worth it IMO!


I don’t think you will gain weight if you just do strength training for cycling - I think you would have to do a lot and seriously up your protein intake. A lot of it is water retention after sessions as water is retained in muscle as it is repaired and will dissipate over a couple of days. When I used to run marathons I would put on about 2kg after the London marathon even though I had just run 26.2 miles. It was all just water that was helping repair the massive muscle damage you get from a hard marathon. Also some foods absorb water as well so your weight naturally varies during the week. So if you just do the kind of off season training recommended by TR you won’t gain weight in the long term but you will get stronger which is after all what we all want.

The 5/3/1 lifting plan would be good for this, keeping the reps low to get strength without hypertrophy.

I really like the work of Ross Enamait, who trains boxers for a living. As you can imagine, he’s really concerned with building strength without added unnecessary muscle mass. He also makes good use of isometric exercises, a pretty uncommon way to train. Never Gymless (centered around bodyweight and bands) and Infinite Intensity (centered around dumbbells and bodyweight) are both great reads:


Pavel Tsatsouline’s Power to the People also has great recommendations on building strength without mass. His program is built around the deadlift and a press variation, with a high-frequency / low-volume approach. I understand the adaptation to be mostly neuromuscular and therefore very little actual muscle mass is built.