How to integrate commuting in my training plan

Hi Volks,

I just started my Training plan SS lv1 after 5months break ( illness, work, holidays).
I plan to continue with SS lv2
In 2 weeks Im gonna start commuting 4days (Monday - Thursday).

Morning around 18-20min (6km uphill), evening around 15min downhill. In the first 2-3months i dont plan to prolong the commuting, due to weather.

My thoughts:

  1. On Training days active recovery. On recovery day tempo/endurance ride.
  2. other way around
  3. just active recovery.
  4. mix it up how i feel like. (That would maybe result in no motivation)

What do you think? What would you do?

Thanks in advance!

Bartu from Switzerland

I would say keep it simple - active recovery. It’s a short distance, I wouldn’t over think it. You could also look at it as a great extended warm-down or warm-up, depending on when you are completing your trainer rides.


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What EKF mentioned. Since it is a short distance, be very strict with using them for warmup/down. I mean strict, as in don’t go chasing that ride in front of you, racing traffic lights, etc.

I have a 10k commute which is a great warm-down for me in one direction (its all down hill). But the return leg at avg 4% gradient…I need to spin up in the granny gear. Or I turn it into a lactic-inducing interval :slight_smile:

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In terms of way home…15 mins downhill sounds like perfect warm up if can jump straight on trainer when get home. Otherwise I’d just do it as recovery ride and maybe in summer do some extended rides to replace TR rides and/or extra endurance

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Hope this helps :slight_smile: