Have FTP changes on TSS chart in calendar view (Feature Request)

Would be nice to have FTP changes visible on the calendar TSS view. Same way as it’s presented on the career home page.

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Thanks for the suggestion! At the moment we have opted to keep that TSS chart as simple as possible since it is more compact than the chart on the career page. With too much information, it starts to become cluttered, and can be hard to read.

Is there a specific use case where you need to see your FTP changes while viewing your Calendar? It’s always possible that there is a situation that we have not considered, so we’re open to alternate perspectives :slight_smile:

I think that could be quite useful as you could start to see patterns between blocks of sessions and FTP changes.

Not everyone takes a ramp test to get a new FTP but it might be nice to see that after these 10 sessions or 3 weeks of a training block I always feel like I can bump my FTP 5 points. At the moment its more a feeling, this feature would make it visible to me.

Mostly the reasoning @philip_king gave. when doing season review and looking at workouts and blocks leading up to ftp bumps it’d be nice to have that visible data point.

I’ve developed some opinions on my training, example: I don’t see gains in base plans due to a lack of vo2 max efforts and my aerobic endurance is fairly good at a base level. But when I actually went back and looked at my training, I noticed that there was some vo2 max efforts in the base phase, but what really killed me was only doing low volume, and inconstant training.

But in doing that it was a little hard to crunch the numbers as I had to write down the dates and %s’ of ftp increases and then flip to the calendar and do that data finding.

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How about having different colors for planned base, build and spec workouts in the career-view. I could see this being useful. Otherwise just use two tabs side by side so you don’t have to write down any dates.

Gets a little messy with people who do their own plans, or added in rides that aren’t part of a plan.

The ‘user story’ or ‘use case’ would be something like this “As a rider I want to be able to look at rides, training stimulus, and ride / rest patterns that lead up to an FTP increase.” It’s a little tough to do that at the moment as the ftp date and increase require an additional step to get. Having that data readily available isn’t hard but it’s annoying.

And the capabilities are there, I would imagine it’s trivial to copy/pasta the tss diamond code into the calendar tss chart (might even make things more simplified from a code perspective to just call tssChart.js :wink: ), so it’s just me (us) providing sufficient reasoning to overcome the additional clutter.

you can’t please everyone. but the point raised to see which plan or training stimulus has affected ftp in what way is a good argument in my opinion. intervals.icu would be a possible workaround. but it’s yet another site where you have to manually input your data. to have that all within TR would be nice.

As often said “Not all TSS is created equal”. So maybe incorporating some indication of compliance along TSS and w/kg would be the bigger picture.

@Nate_Pearson gave hints here:

Maybe that’s just for single workout compliance but could lead to plan/overall compliance metrics (and in the end hopefully to some adaptive training features :shushing_face:).


it would be interesting to see how much of your season you spent in each ‘phase’, but to gauge the impact of each phase and try to draw conclusions about what workouts and progressions are optimal you still need the numbers.

Intervals.icu (or golden cheetah or wko) is a good addition to get a strong data based opinion, but I really like the calendar view where I have that visual of each workout and tss / hours. Also it’s nice to apply bias to some rides, like my group rides show up as high tss rides with high IF, but they feel on par with a medium hour long trainer ride, and would take that into consideration.

Thanks for all the feedback guys! @pcort @Rizzi @jn92 @philip_king

While it is ultimately the design team’s decision on what changes will be made, I will share the use cases you all have shared as suggestions for them to consider.

Thanks again!


I wouldnt mind am option or preference to display power to weight ratio instead of FTP.