German Translations are inconsistent - why not let the community help you?


I noticed that your German translations are not really complete and ready. Some strings are translated (like HR = Puls, or Power = Leistung), but most aren’t and those which are translated, could be tweaked a little bit.

Many software developers - especially those with a community of devoted users - make their translation strings publicly available and allow users to translate them for them (Facebook being one example). I am a Product Manager in SaaS myself, and have always preferred relying on native speakers within the company - or customers if possible.

So, why not make your translation strings publicly available and let the community do the (better) job for you? Just highlighted some of the issues in red (the green ones are ok), but there is more non-translated text of course within the app of course:

Just a friendly offer, but I am sure those who are from outside the US would be happy to help you internationalize your product.



There is actually a topic on that, not sure if German is included though

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Kudos! Yeah I searched for German but couldn’t find anything. Good find and I added my willingness to help there as well.


Sounds like a great idea. I just found recently a review with legal translation services and in the description it was written that many of them do software localization. I understand that this option could suit us? The German language is included in the list of main languages, I think there should not be a problem with this.

To be fair Kadenz is correct.

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