Finishing Build Just 2 Weeks Before "A" Race, What To Do?

As it stands right now my calendar has me finishing mid-volume General build 2 weeks before an A race. Any advice on what to do in those 2 weeks? Maybe just jump right to the weeks 7&8 (taper weeks) of a Specialty plan?

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That would be my guess. Build tends to be the most stressful training. Also, adaptations from additional training stress now are unlikely to occur before your race so you might as well give your body some rest!

I suppose, if you are on a low volume plan and your race is a crit or something else that’s short duration you might get away with only one week taper.

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I asked the same question here’s the responses

I’d read your post @JulesC. In your case you’re finishing Specialty. In mine Build. I think that’s different enough to ask my question.


No I’m in Sustained Power Build, I don’t think thats in speciality, someone assumed I was in speciality. My current Plan is HERE - don’t know if that helps you.