Fed up with TR and the calendar

Use the app on a phone to drive the trainer. Do everything else on the web. Been doing that since before the calendar. Love the calendar, especially on the desktop web.

Are the people having issues trying to just work through the workouts in a plan, maybe taking 12 weeks to do an 8 week plan but not skipping any of the workouts in the plan? If so, isn’t that kind of counter to the whole idea of a structured training plan where the point is to achieve a certain training load in a certain time frame to achieve a certain training goal?

If I miss a scheduled workout due to life and want to do it later and pick it on the calendar and do it. It shows up on the day I do it, which is good for understanding my training load, etc., maybe less so if you just want a workout of the day.

It’s up to the TR team to decide if they want to put in the effort to have both linear and calendar functionality side by side, but calendar seems better aligned with the goals of a structured training plan.


Well… Point of calendar… It’s a calendar so I can see what is coming up. No big races for 5-6 months and a lot of sunny days when I’ll go ride outside on the trails rather than do the trainer. Life comes first. As for moving everything forward, yes I think it is a reasonable feature request and not hard to add. Best of both worlds?

The poscasts alone are worth the subscription. Keep up the good work!


Arguing that people should be more structured in their training (so use the calendar) is just stupid. People train in different ways for different reasons.

Many people love the new calendar. Some people preferred the simplicity of the old way (me included).

Personally, I felt the old way was more structured. You start a training plan and complete it. Now you just add a bunch of random stuff to the calendar, with no History of plans completed (I really like that).

So, hoping that we can get some of the old stuff back.


First, can we not characterize others’ input as “stupid”? I’d like for this forum NOT to turn into just another angry internet place.

Second, how is not using a calendar in conjunction with the plan more structured? Without the calendar, a plan is nothing more than a list of workouts…even the old version had a “calendar” aspect in that it suggested what days to do the workouts and broke down the plans into weeks…the new version simply makes it more customizable to users’ individual needs

I, for one, am delighted with the new calendar, though I agree that I’d like to see training plan histories return.


Attack the Idea, not the Person

This builds on rule #1. The best arguments focus on the idea rather than the person who’s communicating the idea. Let’s strive to live in the “counterargument” and above. And opinion is important! This is cycling, lots of stuff is subjective.


Indeed - that’s the point. That’s why the training plan histories gave more structure, because it was possible to see overall progress, Base I → Base II → Build → Speciality. The Calendar doesn’t give this macro view.

The opening poster made the point that the Calender is not usable for his needs, and the old system was. Then he was told by others that he was wrong. How presumptuous, no?


Been a fan/user of TR for about 3 years. I love the new features and the calendar. To be sure- it took a little bit of time to get used to the change of interface and things to click but it’s a far more full-featured offering now.

Give it a chance, spend some time getting used to the new interface. It’s pretty good. Still the best investment you can make to your cycling.

(PC/iphone user, 4.2W/Kg)

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I’ve also been struggling with the calendar but, to me, the core of the app are the workouts and training plans which are amazing and I’m sure that there are a lot of smart guys working to improve the feature so I think it worth to wait before you move to something else.


I love TR and think it’s a fantastic product, but I have to side with OP on this one, the recent calendar update wasn’t exactly inline with the usual slick developments I have come to appreciate from the TR development team.

I agree the principle is great, but the way it’s been executed has made life more difficult for Mac users, of which I am one, in my opinion.

I used to really value being able to see an overview of the plan I was on in a calendar format, not just a list of workouts. But the most frustrating element for me is the inability to change the workout plan/format/order in the Mac app. Instead I have to go online and change the plan there, then refresh it in the Mac app. This is a major step back for me.

I look forward to seeing how this will be rectified for Mac users.

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I’ve been a long time TrainingPeaks user which I use as my training calendar, weight tracker and ride/season analysis and overall planning tool. I also use WKO4 which interfaces with TP. I’m pretty locked in to TrainingPeaks at this point. I can see where TrainerRoad is going as it appears obvious they are shooting towards matching many of the calendar and ride analysis tools already in TrainingPeaks. I’m sure they will get close eventually but they have a ways to go.

I’m very happy with TrainingPeaks so the TR calendar does not mean anything to me at this point other than it is a new interface to get to today’s workout. (I am a little put off that it is now harder to find past plan history - I liked the old list). On the other hand, the calendar does not bother me (although I have not used it while on a plan yet - final judgement will come over the next few weeks).

My only concern is that as they release new features piecemeal along the way and make TR a more complicated place to navigate that they are going to make it harder to just click on today’s workout and get to work. Personally i am a TR subscriber solely for Chad’s workouts and plans. I get great value from that, but I also want to just click and go. TR is not likely to become a “destination” piece of software for me at this point although I fully appreciate why they want to become that for other people. More money for TR means more workout plans ;-). Please don’t mess with the users who just want a slick quick process to get into the day’s planned workout while you work on becoming someone else’s TrainingPeaks!


I love the idea of the calendar , I think once some improvements are made it will be even more well received. That said I’m a beta user so I think my tolerance is higher than if I was a random user that was comfortable with the old format. And with my higher tolerance I’m slightly frustrated with the current calendar. Hindsight is 20/20 but I’d argue that the old card format should have remained an option for people or limit the calendar to beta users to flesh out some challenges. That said I’ve set my current plan up and it works sufficiently from that perspective. I have stopped tracking outside activities bc the tss values don’t calculate correctly , scrolling remains hit or miss ( both for the bar at the top as well as within the activity). I’ll revisit my annual plan at a later date. My main challenge is getting myself on the bike lol so I’m focusing on that for now.

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I think one issue is people are trying to use the app like the website, when the app is just a portal to control and do workouts.


That’s true, for now. But the plans, as I understand them, is to add the same basic functions of the calendar into the apps as well.

Their overall direction is to set parity of controls and information between the app and web platforms.

Yeah, I’m sure functionality will be increased incrementally and end up pretty powerful

But the apps have never been like the website since the launch of the latter. I don’t know if you were around for the original app, but it was nothing like what there is now. It most resembled the old music player WinAmp.

Trying to futz around on a phone is way more of a pain anyway, I’d use the computer everytime for adjusting and setting plans. And if you are already on the computer why in the hell would you use an app?

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Yup, been here since Nov 2015, so I’ve used the old PC app and predated the Apple and Android mobile.

The direction they are pointed is a positive one. It’s unfortunate we can’t immediately jump to the end result. The staged roll-out is less than ideal because of the issues with some platforms (Mac).

I appreciate the new tools, even if they are incomplete. The issues and reception are a rare black eye in the history of TR that I have witnessed.

I just joined. What was better before the Calendar? Why is it bad?

I use it. Is super simple to move workouts, push weeks, reschedule. Drag and drop. I think it’s good?


Woah! :scream: Yeah, I’d much rather have the current version!

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As a relatively new TR user (almost 1 year) I have to say that I am thrilled with the calendar. Most of my workouts are performed via the Android app and a I’m just starting to do them on my PC. I find that the calendar helps me stay on target and plan out my races, etc. much more easily. I don’t do a whole lot of jumping around and adding/dropping workouts and such, and I’m very much a creature of habit. I wake up at 04:00 and open the TR app on my phone. If it says do “x” workout, I go downstairs and do “x” workout then get ready for work.
I know there will be bugs and quirks along the way, but I like the direction that TR is headed with the software and I cannot deny that it has made me a faster cyclist in the past year. I will most assuredly be continuing my annual subscription next year.

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Please send those bugs to support@trainerroad.com so we can get them fixed.