Feature Request - Open Camp Plans

Just to make it more visible I made Top on its own.

where the idea started: Feature Request - Tour de TrainerRoad!


@chad talked in a previous podcast episode about a Trainingscamp Plan. I think it was in reply to @Nate_Pearson cruises holiday. (Still waiting :wink: )

But some things like this would be very nice:

there are some Training Camps Weeks or Weekends. Maybe some are schedueled so you can subscribe to it in a loose way. Just for commitment. In the Forum there could be a thread in where the participans can talk about there pain.

Or the other way round: we start a thread like “weight loss week” or “sprinting devil” from next Monday on. There is a special plan from Chad designed (always available, everybody can do it as he or she wants on his/her own. Forum just for more compliment) for this special goal where you have to subscribe. Just for yourself. No interactions. For example a weight loss kick start weekend. Beginning on friday in the morning, with the recommendation to just eat a small breakfast and try to stay as depleated as possible to hit a workout in the evening. Sleep low, fastend workout in the morning. A loose recommendation of what not to eat till the next workout in the event. And so on. Everybody can take part as he or she wants an we can encourage each other in the thread.

This would be a great community experience.


We agree with you :smiley:. We have a better way to build this in and we’re laying the ground work for it. Calendar was one feature that we wanted…hard to plan a camp without a calendar.


i was wondering about this I have been working through the old episodes and Chad has mentioned a few times that training camps are on the way (back in 2016) but I can’t see them, did they never materialise?

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Tabled for the time being, @Simo429. But not entirely abandoned. Just hang in there. :wink:


Going through old episodes but still listening to new is like being in a time warp. Johnathan has just become a dad and discussed how he will train three times a day :smile: I’m looking forward to him realising that thats not going to work


You’re so wise @Simo429! :wink:

It worked for about 3 weeks. That ended very quickly. :joy:

And yet despite being a teacher for over a decade I can’t manage to spell Jonathan

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What should I say. I’m excited. :blush:

Ok. I take this topic back to sunlight. The calender is really nice. But I would really like to see 4-10 options of preplaned trainingscamp weekends (or other 2 1/2 days). You just choose a goal or zone and you get a suggestion of workouts for your weekend in the best order and length.

PS: I’m commuting so much by bike this year, I do all my training on the road but I miss my intervalls on the trainer. :smiley: