Feature request - Multiple FTP profiles

The guys on the TR podcast have had a number of discussions about how FTP is very position specific and will likely change if you are on your road bike, TT bike, cross bike, etc. It would be nice to be able to have multiple FTP profiles so you don’t have to manually adjust settings when you switch between bikes, and even be able to track FTP over time specific to the profile.



Whilst this would be useful it’s also s way of facilitating multiple individuals using the same account which I’d imagine TR don’t want to encourage


Why not just in the calendar, since you don’t need it for workout! and they are matching only the outside rides

Hi Guys,

I use a different FTP for outdoors, and I sometimes push a TR workout o my Garmin. Any way that I can change the FTP of only that workout?


Your garmin head unit has its own FTP and doesn’t reflect what TR has programmed in. The TSS etc will be different however when it synchs back to whatever you have in TR

That won’t really solve the main issue of performing the workout on the Garmin. That’s because the workout power targets are set from TR, and that FTP, without regard to the Garmin FTP. Live FTP based stats like KJ and TSS may reflect the Garmin FTP though.

So no, there is no tool for setting specific FTPs for any workout prior to performing them. I set thus in the TR software category and Feature Request tag. It parallels other requests to allow multiple FTP setup for outside and different setups.


That is what I mean. My outdoor FTP is 20 watts higher than my indoor, so if I can set the FTP for a workout to the outdoor FTP, and THEN push it to my Garmin, it will have the power targets as per my outdoor FTP.

Now, I just change my FTP in my profile when I want to push a workout for outdoors.

+1 for the request to allow multiple FTP setups for outside etc.

My outdoor is 5% higher, which isn’t massive i guess, but it would be good to have this function.

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Why would you want to use different FTP?
If you feel your indoor FTP might be too high, then set the WO the a lower intensity (say 95%)


Intensity is only one aspect. Trying to properly track TSS, IF and other FTP based factors are other considerations and those are not addressed by an Intensity adjustment for inside workouts.


I feel like the indoor FTP is more accurate (you need to pedal non stop, no traffic light, no change in the road, no elevation changes, etc)

In any case. I think FTP is just a “pretend” number. At the end of the day, if the number is moving in the right direction (up), then you will race at whatever pace you can that day with the expectation of holding the pace you decided

IDK, i stop caring that much for that magical number and caring more about the direction my fitness is moving. Too many variables at race time to try to control another one.


Agreed that this is needed. My outside workouts feel extremely easy at the same ftp that inside workouts feel extremely hard at.

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A friend of mine send me this link a while ago while we were talking about the subject.


Right, that is exactly the reason that people want to have the option to designate different FTP to match particular conditions (inside/outside, bike/body position, etc.)

The ability to effectively manifest a different power range (FTP) in one condition vs another means that using a “one FTP for all” may well be a mistake.


Doesn’t seem to impede the ability of Netflix to make lots of money. I imagine these instances would be few and far between anyways…because rides by multiple people would still process to the same account, same fitness/TSS trend, export to the same Strava. It would be a pain in the ass to those trying to game the system.

I think an inside/outside FTP value or a road bike/tt bike value would be extremely useful for a lot of users.


FTP is not perfect but it can be very useful for setting workout intensity. Here is an example… My last FTP test was done with my TT bike on the trainer, using the power reading from the trainer because I don’t have a power meter on the TT bike. That test result came in at 25 watts lower than the last test I did with my road bike (which has a Stages L), and the resulting indoor workouts felt about right on that bike. However I am now mostly doing outdoor workouts on the road bike, but still occasionally ride indoors on bad weather days. The indoor workouts still feel great but the outdoor workouts feel like they are about 25 watts too easy. It would be great to have different profiles for different bikes, power meters, etc.


Funny that this thread came back to life today because I came here to search for something just like this. I would really like to see this option added to the outdoor workouts option. It could be doen as easily as setting a +/- FTP offset when designating a workout as an outdoor ride. This would be much better than having to remember to manually change the global FTP setting prior to sending a workout to the head unit.

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The argument of having multiple ftp because you have multiple bikes is better than the my outside ftp is higher outside.

Riding out will always feel easier at same power than indoor.

Is anybody aware of any studies regarding MLSS indoors vs outdoors? There are so many reasons other than a different MLSS for higher power outdoors I think data on this would be interesting.
I can see more of a physiological basis for different TT vs road FTP/MLSS than indoor vs outdoor.

Not a study parse… but some reasonable explanation on why the difference of FTP outdoor and indoor

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