Feature Request: Concept 2 devices (Calendar, separate FTP settings & .fit file import)

Hi @Nate_Pearson

I’m very happy to see the launch of the new calendar feature (TrainerRoad Calendar has Launched! - List of upcoming features!) – one tool to rule them all.

To make real use of it, I’d need to be able to integrate my non-bike training (Ski- and Rowing machine) in my Calendar – I’m some sort of “Triathlete”.

I record my sessions with a Garmin watch, which I connect to the “head unit” (PM5) via ANT+ and a Connect IQ app called ErgIQ (https://apps.garmin.com/en-US/apps/2fc7c56b-f7f8-4fc4-b92e-8d3bde99f693) and get a full set of useful data (within the developer fields).


The .fit files have easy to distinguish informations, which would make it easy to be automatically detected and assigned during an import on TrainerRoad – currently they unfortunately get rejected.

I can provide .fit files and be helpful with “guinea pigging” – I have IT background.


Any news? :face_with_head_bandage:

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I would like to see this feature. I use Sufferfest workouts as well as TR and would like to keep all in the TR calendar. Don’t know why it won’t upload from Strava automatically.

Was tired of “begging” for simple features. Switched over to PerfPro, which supports C2 machines natively.

Cancelled my subscription, @Nate_Pearson. Best of luck for you.


Hi Boris,

  1. We dropped the ball on this one, and we’re really sorry. I never came across your original forum post and appears that Nate didn’t either. We should have seen this and responded to you in a timely manner, and I’m sorry that your request fell on deaf ears. For posterity’s sake, users with feature requests should email our Support team so they’re sure to be read - the forum has expanded quickly and we can’t always see and respond to every post.

  2. I haven’t done so personally, but I think you could just connect the SkiERG and Indoor Rower machines directly to TR since they use ANT+. It might not be the best solution, but I know we used to connect the VASA swim trainer to TR over ANT+.

  3. The .FIT files currently get rejected because the Fitness Equipment" and “Indoor Rowing” file types aren’t supported in TR. There might be some kind of workaround involving changing the activity type, then importing it that way.

  4. I’m sorry that we haven’t yet supported multisport activities. It’s on our wishlist, but not yet on our roadmap and I want to explain why. We don’t have plans at the moment to focus on anything other than cycling and we want to be the best at what we do. For now, that means refining and improving our main product offerings before expanding to support other activity types and sports. We didn’t set out to become the one training tool to rule them all, but to make you a faster cyclist. That is the measuring stick for every decision we make, and unfortunately, we have to budget our development resources toward that goal.

I reached out to our product manager in charge of the Calendar, and asked whether there’s a way we could import your workouts as things stand now. He thinks that as long as you manually upload the .FIT files to TrainerRoad, they should import. It’s during the sync from Garmin Connect that they’re being rejected due to not being a cycling activity. I tried to test this for you, but wasn’t able to download your files from Garmin Connect and didn’t have any “Fitness Equipment” and “Indoor Rowing” file types available to test out uploading to my own Calendar.

If you decide to ever return to using TrainerRoad, please send me a private message on the forum, reply to this post, or email our Support team. We’d be happy to try to find a way to make TrainerRoad work for you, and I’ve already added your feature request to our queue, though I can’t guarantee when or whether it will be worked on. Best of luck with all of your training for all three of your disciplines, and I’m sorry we let you down.


Sorry our product isn’t working for you.

For anyone else reading this. Importing Ski and Row workouts into TR software is not currently on the roadmap.

We do have plans to bring in run and swim workouts but that’s still a bit down the line.

If you want to bring in any of the above to track stress you will need to manually add it as an activity on your calendar.

Although it might seem simple from the outside, it’s actually quite complex; both in terms of how to design it and how to build it.

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