[Feature Request] Ability to manually adjust the power reporting of a source device and particularly a trainer

My wahoo kicker trainer has a very predictable power offset compared to the “true” power that my power meter(s) report. While power-match works well when the bike with the power meter is used, it would be immensely helpful to be able to use this correction when a bike without the power meter is on the trainer.

There are various use case for this, e.g. permanent bike on the trainer, one type of bike with PM and the other without (for those that do road and mountain or TT). In my case it would reduce the vector 2 pedal swaps at least by a third.

How it would work? Just apply a transformation to the power given by the smart trainer. This could be as simple as a fixed offset, better a percentage offset, even better a combination and even better apply different offset at power range.

One way to compensate is by adjusting the FTP % for each workout, but I am afraid that this does not sound very good and definitely will give very erratic TSS.



That sounds like a nice way to “calibrate” your trainer. Use a bike with a PM that you trust the values from on the trainer for a quick calibration ride; maybe a mini ramp to compare bike PM to trainer output at various power levels (I know mine does not seem to be linear across the power spectrum). Then use that to create a calibration curve for your trainer so that it matches your outside-bike’s trusted PM. That calibration could be a saved setting for the controlled trainer device. I’d guess half this code is already written for the power match functionality.


Hey @ychron!

This is a request that we’ve seen fairly often, and we would really like to solve in the future.

We have some plans to rework device settings, but haven’t nailed down exactly what it’s going to entail quite yet, but we will keep this suggestion in mind as we move forward :+1:


This sounds even better than entering those manually.

Actually, that is what I have been doing from time to time to create an offset curve:

  • Set the kicker from its utility to a certain wattage
  • Pedal for 20 seconds stable and record the power meter reading
  • Rest for whatever time is required (a must when resistance is above FTP)
  • Repeat 25 watts higher resistance

The offset is pretty unchangeable for a year now, with the kickr showing around 8% higher power between 100 and 200 watts, then steadily this drops and at 350 it shows the same at 500 it is 7% lower!

Thank you @Bryce, that would be great!