Favero Assioma power "freezing"

Yup, they suggested/sent a new special firmware to use from the app, v3.42. I’ll try it out tonight and start monitoring my battery levels more closely on subsequent rides.

3.42 worked for my first charge cycle after updating. I got 50 hours plus on a charge. Next time I charged, it died in less than 6-7 hours. Now trying again.

Good to know–so far so good, so we’ll see how the second charge goes (hopefully better than your experience, heh).

FYI, I had my bike on my Neo and noticed that my pedals were still talking to my ANT USB port hours after I stopped riding.

It was dark and I could see the pedals flashing. I unplugged the ANT USB from my PC and the pedals stopped flashing.

Charged my pedals as they were getting low!

Just a thought.


PS: Im on Firmware version 3.

That’s a point to keep in mind, but when I finish a session, I switch off all BT and ANT devices, so at least in my case this was not the cause.

You had battery drainage issues?

How do you turn off BT on the pedals?

Does anyone know when they plan on releasing a FW update? I haven’t had any of the battery drain issues, but it’s pretty annoying that my power doesn’t drop to 0 when I stop pedaling if using BT. I also have a weird amount of dropouts regardless of whether I’m using BT/ANT+ but other than these quirks they’ve been great.


Same issue for me. Just got the Duo and when using bluetooth with my MacBook Pro 2018 watts get stuck and my 2014 kickr seems to get stuck as well (also paired with bluetooth). Seems ok if I’m paired with ANT+. Since I use Zwift simultaneously with TR, I need to use to ANT+ dongles.

I got in touch with support, mentioned my issue and they made available the firmware for me. Very simple and straightforward, they answered in less than 24 hours.

Haven’t had issues so far, apart from one time the power dropped a few watts during an effort (I’m always using erg mode and have a Kickr 2017). I’m connected via ANT+.

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So, Ever since the last firmware upgrade, and the time I switched off the pedals for travel, they have never been the same. Raised a ticket, and they gave me a special firmware. I still have the issue of the left [or sometimes the right] draining excessively.

They asked me to reset the pedals, and for the first charge cycle after that it was fine, and gave me 45 hours and was still showing yellow. But, after the second charge, again the left pedal is draining too fast.

Anyone else having this issue?

Just a quick note to add a +1 to this issue. I’m using Duos and TR on an iPad via Bluetooth. If I stop and get off the bike, I see the power remain constant in TR whereas other devices recording over ANT+ show the power as zero (as you would expect). I’ve seen this happen a few times and have raised a support request with TR about it.

They have offered me a sensor replacement too.

Thanks for that video. What tool did you use on the end cap side after removing the end cap? And did that torque thingie come with the replacements?

They want me to de activate my old sensors, but I am getting the new sensors on a cycling trip to france. Want to use the old sensors for the trip and not have to change sensors on the trip. I wonder if they will ship the new sensors if I agree to deactivate the old sensors at the end of my trip. I hope so. Don’t want the hassle of changing sensors on a vacation.

Did you get an answer for this?

Also happened to me, but only now I realize it was related to getting off the bike.

Assioma - Technical Data Sheet.pdf (595.8 KB)
I used a 9mm socket wrench, be sure that the outer diameter of the socket be 13 outer or less. And no, sensors do not include any kind of torque tool.

I attached the technical data manual of pedals

Good luck, I hope this replacement solve all your issues.

Thanks again.

Just opened the end cap, and I see that the Park Tool set that I have has an outer dia of 14mm for the 9mm socket wrench and does not fit. Well, another PITA now, to search for the right one.

It is not difficult to get the correct socket and the replacement process is very easy. Assioma saw my video and gave me some extra recommendations that I share with you:

“Hi Steven, my colleagues have just seen the sensor replacement video on Youtube.
Thank you so much for making it! We’ll probably make something similar ourselves soon this year.

When removing the pedal body end cap, the technician support guys would just recomend not to hold the sensor with the hands.
Yes, it’s an extreme precaution since the force required to unscrew the cap is never too high, but still, as a company we have to give the instructions to prevent event the slightest possibility of accidental dammage.

They would suggest performing all the operations where it is necessary to apply any force, always using the Allen key at the rear of the axle and without ever holding the sensor with the hands or other tools than an hex key.

For any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.

Since my last post above in this thread, i got another 50 hours out of the pedals after a full 12 hour charge as directed by Favero. I have then charged them again last week and after 7 hours my right pedal is already on red. and will likely need charging at the end of this week.

Ticket #143363 is still open with TR support. They’re aware of it and are working on a fix. Not sure of any timeline. The bug is easy to replicate so hopefully it won’t take that long to resolve.

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They have asked me to ‘block’ the current sensors via the app, before they can send me new ones. Can’t seem to find that option at all on the Android app?

Persistently having the issue. Alternately the left and right have been discharging fast. They are sending replacement sensors.