Favero Assioma Duo

I thought the same and left my pedals charging overnight. This morning was the same. I just got off the phone with them, and they suggested I switch from Duo to Uno and then go back from Uno to Duo and see if it recognizes it. If not, it may be the spindle that went bad (which apparently they send out quickly).

Bummer. I really like my pedals and have had them a year. Hope you get the issue resolved quickly. From the other thread, it sounds like Favero has pretty good support.

Once I found the right number to call, it was spot on.

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I had a similar issue and was advised to charge them for 24 hours not just overnight.

Thanks. I went to convert back and forth not to long ago, and the app found the right pedal. I wasn’t getting power data yesterday before this, but will see later if it’s able to show power now.

I opened a ticket for this last week. I was informed that over bluetooth they just double the left power (over ant+ you can get both). I know a recent firmware update has enabled transmitting both sides over a single bluetooth connection but I do not think that is supported in the app yet.


I’ve only got a couple rides on mine, but, I noticed I had to go into the app and connect the right one each time if I turned my Wahoo on near my other bike w/ a P2Max PM. I have a L/R balance field on my computer to verify it is working until I’m confident it connects each time.

Try this solotion. My problems dissapeared.

Well, I’m that Deepak, and the solution lasted only for the first charge cycle.

So, Ever since the last firmware upgrade, and the time I switched off the pedals for travel, they have never been the same. Raised a ticket, and they gave me a special firmware. I still have the issue of the left [or sometimes the right] draining excessively.

They asked me to reset the pedals, and for the first charge cycle after that it was fine, and gave me 45 hours and was still showing yellow. But, after the second charge, again the left pedal is draining too fast.

Anyone else having this issue?

I’ve had no issues or a left right excessive drain on the latest firmware.

I know @GPLama mentioned he had his left pedal discharge once recently. @GPLama have you experienced this again?

I’m pretty sure they support dual bluetooth my power balance is 59:41- 55:45 and when connected bluetooth it matches my kickr ant+ to my laptop.

If it was just doubling my left I’d expect quite a large difference.

Nope. Just the once. Strange one. I’m still on fw3.00.

Persistently having the issue. Alternately the left and right have been discharging fast. They are sending replacement sensors. Hope those work well.

I am getting issues with both pedals now on version 3.40. Favero have asked me to send them back for review. How did you get them to send new sensors to you as I would rather do that than be without pedals for a month.

They will deactivate your existing pedals, so any way you will be without pedals till you get the new ones.

I recently picked up a pair of Dou’s and pair them with my wahoo elemnt. I’m curious where you can view all the extra data post ride, torque, etc.

I look at it in the wahoo app under history. You have to view a ride and it’s all there.

I should have also noted I’m on a Samsung note 9.

thought I would bump this thread rather than start a new one, but a totally unrelated question…

any assioma owners know if there is a way to turn off the blinking LED lights? i find them annoying

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You look at your pedals when riding? :thinking: