Fast Forward or Scrubbing an outdoor workout. Possible?

So my lunch ride terrain basically means im “forced” into a short warm up (there are a few climbs almost right out of the front door) is there a way to scrub or fast forward your workout on a Wahoo Element?

Moving Through a Workout

Wahoo allows you to rewind or fast forward to different steps of your workout. This allows you to start your intervals when you are ready, and not just when the timer says to go.

To move to a different interval, press the middle button on your ELEMNT.


Select to either advance or rewind to a prior interval. Press Resume once you are at the interval you wish to start.


Im an idiot, that was simple. I thought that was just to pause/restart the workout and didnt realize it then took you to a different page where you could FF/RW. Thanks Chad!

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LOL, not at all.

Sometimes stuff hides really well in plain sight. Happy training :smiley:

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