Family Plans or Junior Discounts for TR (Feature Request)

Hi Guys,
I’m a long time TR user and absolutely love the product and your Podcasts (5 :star:)
Both my Son (14 yrs-old) and my Daughter(16 yrs-old) are competitive cyclists and they are going for provincial championships this year, in August.
I’d like to ramp up their training by using TR, but having to pay for 3 Memberships it does add up :smile: quickly.
I wonder if there is any Junior Discounts or Family Plans available, now or coming in the Future, or if there is anything you guys do in these cases?

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work :+1:t2:


" asking for a friend…"

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I am not aware of a discount program of any kind, other than the full annual payment option.


@AlexM370 have you looked into local clubs with junior development funds? My local club does this.

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Our club doesn’t have them, unfortunately :frowning:

If your kids just have the occasional ride, it is easy to change your ftp and then any selected ride will be at an ftp suitable for them etc.

I prefer not doing that, but thanks for the suggestion :+1:t2:

Me neither, that’s why I’m asking. I know that another platform offers unadvertised discounts to Juniors up to 16 yrs-old, but you need to request and find that information on their Forum.

Perhaps if your kids beat @Nate_Pearson in a race, he would quietly do something.


:joy: @Nate_Pearson is really strong these days

  • I stopped short of making a definitive claim (just in the chance there was something I didn’t know), but the marking shown now with the “TrainerRoad Approved” shows that there is no option (hidden or otherwise).
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I have this same dilema. Huge fan of the service, and wish I could get my wife and kids started. The reality is that they may be game to try it and maybe even get on occasionally, but I am not prepared to pony up the $100+/user to discover they aren’t, or worse won’t use it. For an extra $50 to $25 annually per account, I wouldn’t care so much–think sliding price scale for larger families.


TR Family Plan: Buy one annual account at full price, and everyone in the family can train on that one account based on the person who assesses. Coach Chad suggests the best rider conducts the first Ramp Test, and everyone else hardens the ______ up. :rofl:

  • Depending on the length of time you have been an active TR member, you may have up to 3 referrals.

  • Each one gives one person access to the full TR program for one month.

  • It is “free” and should allow for a proper evaluation.

  • All that is required is their full name and an associated email account.

  • If you don’t have the referrals, I will share one of mine, so they can give it a shot.

  • Log In to TrainerRoad

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Oh, last time I check it wasn’t, good to know.

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That’s exactly why I’m doing right now with them, but once that month goes, I’ll still need to pay 3 FULL Memberships… There could be a more viable option…

Yeah; good suggestion, and I’ve thought about it. But there’s never a good time to try and get them started. I’m simply looking for the option of “whenever they want/can manage to start”. I’d gladly pay ~$150 - $250/ annually for a family plan that would allow me to set up accounts for the family (3 kids that currently ride, 2 coming up, + my wife). Heck, I personally get that kind of value…


I revised the thread name and tagging to reflect the “Feature Request” info.

This is something they may take into consideration. But we have what we have right now.


I’m gonna agree with this one, I think this is a solid request. My Son also likes to ride and train on the trainer, but right now he’s just on my old Zwift account. I’d think the ability to add a family member to your account might be good incentive to get people over. Literally every online app has something similar. We have a family Spotify, family Apple Music, shared storage on iCloud, shared data on our mobile provider, multiple stream Netflix and Hulu, so on and so forth.



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