Erg mode Vs Resistance

Hi team trainerroad, there has been a lot of noise made recently around the utilization of erg mode vs. resistance. My questions is the regards of the quality work being done as erg mode while holding you to a set resistance and not allowing you to sway from it, it also does not allow for you to be able to further learn and master the technique of actually making and holding the power thru different set of cadence and intervals which is how the foundation is build on and actually emulate what takes place in the field. II do believe utilizing this tool could eventually turn a rider unidirectional utilizing erg mode. I look forward to further feedback to back some of this evidence as I personally have switch back to resistance mode and seeing improvements on the quality of my work even on anaerobic and vo2 max workouts as well as being able to complete them without any interruptions due to drop outs or sudden resistance changes which I believe led to sooner fatigue levels and lack of the completion of quality work, once again thank you for all your insights

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