Elite Upgrado, Firmware Updating App for Drivo, Direto, Suito, etc

As the title says. Saw this on Facebook direto page so thought I’d share




Copied this from the notification email I received:


  • Manage any firmware update for Elite interactive home trainers with Upgrado, our dedicated app.

Download Upgrado, Elite’s app that manages firmware releases:

  • To quickly get our newest home trainers up to date, we released Upgrado, the dedicated app for you to manage future firmware updates of your Elite home trainers from any of your mobile devices.

  • Any firmware managing interactive home trainers is the sum of the instructions that make up the OS the home trainer.

  • Other than the updates, Upgrado also checks the availability of any other newer update which might be released to improve or increase the features of our indoor home trainers .

  • The first available update you’ll find on the Upgrado is the Suito update!

How to update Suito’s firmware

  • Anyone who recently purchased a Suito will be able to update the home trainer firmware just by downloading the app on their smartphone or tablet.

  • Updating the firmware is really easy: Upgrado will see your home trainer among the available devices via its Bluetooth connection, notifying the availability of any new update.

  • After confirmation from the user, the app will finalize the update on the selected home trainer right away.

  • This update improves the accuracy of the home trainer algorithm when calculating power output during sprints, at the same time increasing its ERG mode reactivity when reaching target power.

Upgrado was released for testing in selected countries last week. The app is now available worldwide for all Android and iOS users on Goolge Play and in the App Store .


I’ve been looking at this too. Curiously, the screen shots they use on the Google Play store show a (I think) first generation Driveo. I’m anxious to see what the app does, and will give it a whirl later today.

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Honestly, I do like Elite products and think they manufacture some solid hardware. Their software however, is severely lacking in polish and QC controls. I should have known to expect very little when the promotional email for ‘Upgrado’ actually had a misspelling of “Google” (yes, it did!). Here’s what I discovered with my Driveo and Real e-Motion Rollers:

Bottom line? It’s a total nothing-burger for those of us with older hardware.

Well their email does say:

which might suggest others are to follow. Whether that’s soon as in our understanding or soon as in Elite’s world is a different question :see_no_evil: :rofl:


One of the reasons I lost confidence in the Direto I had (apart from the delay in changing power, crap support, poor software, and bug ridden extra software) was that I realised there was no way to upgrade the firmware and so get a fix to any problems. A year later they bring out some software that, might… eventually… allow upgrades to firmware to fix bugs.

Glad I swapped to a Kickr core.

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I added Shane’s Upgrado video in the OP above.

Yes, I expect (hope?) that this is the first of many additions for their other trainers. Recognize that the whole firmware update process via consumer is effectively ‘new’ for them.

They are likely taking baby steps and doing one at a time along with looking for issues with the process along the way.

I hope they get on top of it and address all their units from the last few years (Drivo, Direto, Rampa and such) as well as some of the long know issues with ERG in particular.

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With regards to the Upgrado app it fails to connect for an update on some Android phones, like my Samsung J6. I had to use the side loaded google play on my kindle and install Upgrado on it to connect and install an update to 196. Google suggests that folk have had to do similar in using other devices (iphones etc) to get Upgrado to work.