Elemnt Bolt Controlling Kickr for Indoor Workouts

Firstly, I’m happy to be redirected to another thread if this has already been covered, I don’t want to duplicate work!

With the ability to now push workouts to Wahoo Elemnt head units (with the primary aim of performing TR workouts outdoors), it got me thinking that I could use my Elemnt Bolt indoors to control the Kickr in Erg Mode.

Why would I want to do this? I’ve had endless connectivity issues (old Macbook with an ANT+ dongle, without Bluetooth 4.0, and an Android phone that I’ve never managed to successfully pair with my Kickr or Stages power meter). It would be a really elegant solution if I could load workouts to the Bolt, and have the Bolt control the Kickr for Erg Mode TR workouts.

I’m pretty certain the Bolt can control the Kickr - there are preloaded workouts on there that look designed for what I’m describing.

Anyone got any experience with this? I know at present you can only push ‘outdoor’ versions of workouts to head units, which are slightly modified, but my hope would be in the future that you could push standard versions of TR workouts to the Elemnt and use this instead of a phone or computer.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice!

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Yes, you can push an “outside workout” to your head unit, and then run that workout with your smart-controlled trainer connected to said head unit, and it will control the trainer via ERG mode.

  • The function was mentioned and confirmed via Ray Maker (DC Rainmaker) that it will work.

  • I can search if you want to see the prior references, but it has been mentioned in the Garmin and Wahoo Outside workout threads.

Chad replied, I’m just linking his other reply:

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Thanks very much @mcneese.chad and @Spots

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Many have reported that it works, but it is not officially supported by TrainerRoad at this time. The use case was not considered when building the outside versions of the workouts, so we would need to go through further testing before we can officially state that it works :+1:.


Understood. I will that part of my statement now and if this comes up again in the future :smiley:

I’ll try to give this a go tomorrow… really keen to have my element bolt controlling my indoor workouts… for me it’s easier to mount the bolt on my bike than my phone.

Your Kickr is even able to offer you its own powermatch, if you have a PM!

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yeah I do have a pm and I’ve been using kickr’s built-in powermatch for ages :slight_smile: thanks for the tip though. I don’t think this feature is advertised enough.


Isn’t a big downside that the outside workouts are often adapted such that you can actually do them outdoors?

and you will miss all the blah blah from Chad!

You can learn all about it here:


I do have an iphone 7 case mount, however the garmin adapter is centralized on the back of the case thus preventing me from rotating the phone onto the garmin mount. by the looks of the blog post, the garmin adapter is glued towards the bottom of the case.

btw, I gave this a go today. worked like charm. I can even turn erg on/off, adjust resistance level from the wahoo element bolt. I guess the biggest downside, as it was mentioned here, is that some outdoors workout are not exactly the same as their indoor workout counterpart.

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Anyone know if i use my element indoor with both my h3 and powermeter what power it captures? I’m guessing its the h3 but im not for sure