Duration missing from outdoor rides without power

I’ve a new gravel bike, but it has no power meter. The outdoor rides seem to be syncing fine, I have the manually estimate TSS option etc, but none of them are bringing through overall duration, or lap duration?

Generally using my Garmin 245 watch to record.

edit - actually now I look at it, probably because no duration, when I select the RPE, it’s not giving me an estimated TSS. I have to manually update it.

edit 2 - the duration is showing the strava, training peaks etc from the same rides, so it does seem to be something in TrainerRoad!

I am having the same issue with missing duration from rides recorded without power. Similarly, Strava and Garmin showing durations so seems to be issue in import into TrainerRoad.


When I view both of your workouts completed outdoors without power, they all appear to have duration.


Could you send a screenshot of where you see duration as “0”.

With my bolt. Not with Garmin 245. I have an open support ticket (waiting for me to send files)

Ah I see. I would continue your correspondence with the Support Team; they have the ability to look into your files and dig a lot deeper than I’m able to.

We really appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention.

Yes. I just haven’t had a chance to organise myself!

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I first noticed it in the Calendar View. The outdoor ride shows duration 0. The time of the ride is totaled on the right side. But if I open the ride it shows duration 0.
Hope that helps.


I just chatted with Geoff from our Development Support Team and we actually have a Github issue in for this bug. If you could shoot us an email at support@trainerroad.com to report your instance of the bug we would appreciate it :slight_smile: