Did my first zwift race...disappointed at people!

@mcneese.chad, Chad, maybe this has been discussed or you know how to share through the right channels!

And this is actually why Zwift buying (or whatever that would be) of ZP would be a terrible thing. Right now you have an independent third party who actually wants things to be better administering things, albeit with its own set of flaws (mainly after the fact). Bring them in house and they’ll end up having to fall in line sooner or later to what ZHQ wants.

I’m hoping to fit at least a couple into my schedule but will have to shift my training a bit. Just finished a base block and I’m sorely lacking any snap at the moment.

We’ve got some really strong Southern Hemisphere guys that are flying, and our zwift focused contingent is strong. I just cracked the zp top 100 overall again so I’ll take it as a sign I might be able to sharpen up in time.

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I’m not really familiar with the requirements to hosting ‘Events’ on Zwift proper. There was an official Zwift contact (Charlie something?) that you need to work with to get events on their calendar.

There is the ‘meet up’ feature that can work reasonably well for doing self setup rides and workouts. That is what the guys did earlier this week.

I don’t race or do group rides often, and not sure what amount of effort it takes to really make this happen regularly.

We can use the MU feature to start and go from there. I am not too bothered by the race issues as I don’t do them often, and only participate for the workout.

I lead my training with TR and use the fondos and a few races for some variety through the winter. We can see if a TR group makes sense as we move forward.

Meetup sounds like a great option for now

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Here is the current thread.

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I’ve done about 150 zwift races over 2.5 years. I started as mid pack C. I just tried like hell to stay in front pack of C’s. Yes there were always a few c’s who stayed in A or B groups but you just let them go. The point was there was always a group of riders to try to hold on to, then possibly break away from or sprint against. Then I moved up to B’s and at first it was tough. Most of the time I would get dropped 15 minutes in and then the c group would catch me, but trying to hang on was motivating. Now I’ve progressed again and can podium regularly in B races, but can’t quite stay with biggest group of a racers if the hammer really falls - that’s the next goal, but I’m getting closer. It makes no difference to me if my opponents are cheating because it doesn’t change my experience as long as there is a wheel to try to hang onto or another rider to try to beat, that’s all it takes to be fun.

I will say that it is way too easy to skip productive workouts and go zwift race - not a good idea. You will quickly stall if you’re zwift racing too much. Once a week is probably all you really want to do if you’re trying to actively improve fitness


Did he know he was racing you wife when she held him of for 30 mins ? Whats their wpkg ? If your wife is “tiny” and has a FTP of 200w, why wouldn’t she hold him of ?

You will still show up in the results even if you are not on ZP. Generally if you go over cat limits they move you to the correct cat.

FWIW, I ride on Zwift every single time I’m on the trainer, and do all of my TR workouts while on Zwift. I can’t imagine using TR without it, personally.

I also dabble in some racing on there. For me, it’s great way to have a set time, place, and motivation to get on the bike. I find racing on Z super engaging and fun. Don’t really care if anyone around me is cheating or not (can’t really tell anyway).

Yes, the categories get kinda messy with sandbaggers, and that pisses me off. Whatevs. I have more fun using tactics and seeing how the people I beat were averaging much higher w/kg or avg power in the results.

FWIW, I can consistently finish in the top 10% of just about any race or event. I have not podiumed anything though. So when you’re 112th out of 2500 riders… who cares about categories or whatever?

But to be honest, almost all of my power PRs on TR have come from Zwift racing (I don’t use a power meter outdoors), so for me, it’s great motivation to just go crush some fools when a workout just sounds awful.


I don’t do Zwift races for this very reason. They need to monitor races better and police their platform. People are cheating like crazy, even if the cheating is simply leaving their weight a few pounds lighter than reality. To people who are obviously sandbagging big time.

To be honest though, I never found zwift racing exciting. I’ve tried it a few times and I don’t really enjoy it and don’t think I would be the biggest fan if people weren’t sand bagging.

I do enjoy using zwift in the winter time to compliment TR workouts. I’ve periodically made my long SS TR workouts in zwift or I’ll sub a sunday ride for a Fondo in Zwift. Obviously there is cheating in there. But it isn’t such a big deal.

This has been the standard experience for me with Zwift racing. I did a TT race recently in the 3.0-4.0W/kg category. I averaged 3.9W/kg for the race and finished 6th in the group. Every rider that finished ahead of me was well over 4W/kg for the duration - 4.4-4.6W/kg - with some guys at super low heart rates. I find the same experience in other forms of racing, I simply can’t hang with the guys at the front of the category. I can’t bring myself to cheat in this way which makes the racing frustrating.

To get around this I’ve started to focus on TT’ing and just race against myself and my previous times to keep me motivated.


I signed up for Zwift over the holiday period (I’m a trainer road user) purely to do Alp Du Zwift and that new MTB course, but I’m not at the mythical level 12 status needed to proceed on such glamours pursuit.

Can someone please set up an event and send me an invite during Australian friendly time zone up Alp Du Zwift?

Cheers and thanks.

Go to this site and you can set your time zone. Then search the Events for ‘Alpe’ and you can find ones that you can join.

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It would be awesome to have a standing TR group ride each week in the winter even. I’d love to do that on Saturday or Sunday to replace a tempo workout while spinning with you TR folks!

The easiest way to do this is a few folk that the lead in setting up a meet-up at the same time each week. It’s simple to do and way more likely to work than trying to get an event on the Zwift calendar.

Only done A races. Something about drafting seems off. I can easily get dropped on fast descents if I’m out of a draft for like 1 second. Or drafting in groups in general seems unrealistically strong in large groups that attacks can never go up the road without instantly being caught

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I was thinking about adding some zwift time in during the cold winter months so I could get some virtual racing in. But the reality is, its a video game, and people cheat at video games, because online glory is forever. (Sarcasm). I think I’ll stick to my TR plans and improve in my real life races when the weather warms up.

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I agree. They do some weird stuff with “stickiness” in drafting situations. They do this to help groups form and stay together like a blob. I wish they would turn it down or get rid of it all together . On flats it requires too much of a power increase to pass in a group, or pull away from group. Then on descents it seems it uses a different stickiness setting.

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Ignoring the massive floors in Zwift racing (never tired it myself due to them)…

Although there obviously are people that cheat on Zwift, as in every aspect of life, there is nothing in your post that indicates so, or strongly suggests it.

Anyone over ~70kgs (3 w/kg) is going to to be able to put out over 25% more power than your 180 watts for 25 minutes. I therefore would suggest your result really should not be a surprise.