Dedication over motivation

I see posts on here often about motivation and how to obtain it. Here is a different a perspective that challenges that idea. I found this very powerful and I hope you do to.


Found this a fantastic video too, all too true for all of us.

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This is a great perspective, thanks for sharing!

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It’s so true. Watched the video yesterday…

I’ve been motivated time and times over but it’s kind of a “any way the wind blows” kinda deal.

Discipline means it’ll take more than a little hiccup to get you off track or off course and in the end, that’s what will get you results, when you keep showing up and giving your best effort, not cause it’s what “mOtIvAtEs yOu tO bE yur beSt sELf!!!111! chAlLeNge” but because that’s the prescription that will work and give sustainable results.

Watched this weekend and it also really connected with me.

Love it! I’ve been letting motivation slip through my fingers lately and feeling bad about it.

Hello discipline :pray:

Glad I’ve had you and our teammates to help me stay disciplined over the winter! Great post, Andy!

(For a bit of background - Andy is a real leader on my cycling team, and is THE reason I started TR. He deserves credit for providing a bit of inspiration. Also, he’s a hell of a bike racer!)


This leads to a “Commit to Consistency” ethos that is essentially preached by Nate and crew.

  • Get into the right habits and make it happen.
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Thank you!!! So good and so true. Needed this!