Could it be useful to show tiny icons for drills?

I’m not sure but maybe it could be helpful to have tiny icons for the drills (like max cadence effort, focus downstroke of one leg…) and put them somewhere in the workout screen for example in the graph?

The positive would be to see at one glance what to do when (especially if you miss or don’t look at the instructions).

The hard part would be to keep the UI clean and nice.

I know this looks ugly but it’s just to get the idea - your UI designers would make it much nicer:

Edit: Just added the links to these suggestions in which cases the icons might be helpful: In-Ride Instructions | Feature Request - Option to see all instructional text after a workout | Does anyone else miss the on screen text?


Good idea. Lately I’m watching the UCI cyclocross races and miss most of Chad’s ramblings on screen, would be good to see the drills visualized in some fashion.

This could be a really useful idea! It could be tough to integrate in a way that looks seamless on all devices, however, I will pass your suggestion onto the design team for consideration :slight_smile:

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