which site for what topic

sorry to be an idiot with this post, i am now bamboozled about where we should discuss what topic โ€ฆ we have the forum, we have podcast on facebook, i believe the beta facebook group is no longerโ€ฆ exampleโ€ฆ there is a discussion on the forum around the new outdoor workout optionโ€ฆ lots of itโ€ฆ but where should we be posting comments to provide feedback on the our findings ?

I have just about abandoned FB (main and beta, that was essentially closed).
I that feel the forum is the preferred location for all things TrainerRoad.

As such, one place people are sharing experience with outdoor rides is the main post started by Nate.

There is this unofficial post, that is also getting used for comments:


You can leave feedback on the main thread, or under the Early Access page under the โ€œleave feedbackโ€ button: