Calendar options

Being able to see projected/actual ATL represented in the calendar would be useful when you are reorganizing or supplementing the plans. Along with some guidelines if you are going deeper than is normally advised.

We’ve got plans to do this without using the ATL metric. We think ALT/TSB is a little too far down the power hole for the majority of users. We think we can get a better result (am I fresh, am I going too deep) a different way.

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Perfect. I’m not attached to ATL I just want it to yell at me if I plan on doing 3 hards in a row followed by a 200TSS group ride. I’m stupid, I overreach. Just want help not doing that.

Me too! Even though I’m smart enough to know I shouldn’t I need something to tell me objectively that “you’re so so stupid, don’t do this”.

Hello: Are there any plans to allow external sync with google/apple calendar, etc? It would be nice to pull your main calendar up on your phone for the day and see basic TR calendar details (workout planned for the day, workout name, duration, etc.). Sorry if this has already been answered!

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Yes! That’s coming in an upcoming feature. Look at this here: TrainerRoad Calendar has Launched! - List of upcoming features!


SO awesome. Thanks, Nate!

Week notes and tips:

On the phone app has anyone seen the weekly summary notes and tips. I can’t seem to find them since the update. I am sure I am just being a bit daft not finding it or finding the post about it still coming in the update if it’s not in yet.


Love the new calender feature and flexibility to move workouts around. Only query is how to assign an outdoor ride to a workout like used to be able to (so if have a planned workout but did an outdoor ride instead)?

You don’t even have to assign it, it will just be marked on your calendar.

But if you want to you can. Go to the calendar online, click on the outside ride, then click on “assign ride”. There you can choose the indoor workout.


Would it be possible for to get %FTP for the TSS estimator. For example if i choose 5 - Tempo what % FTP would I ride at?

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That’s all going to depend on the duration of the ride. We could show you an NP but I don’t think that would be very useful.

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How? :slight_smile:

Secret :no_mouth:


Fair ‘nuff

I’ve been wondering about that as well. Hopefully they will return!

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But it’s basically an RPE measurement for the ride as a whole. Thanks that sorts me out…

I’m so excited for it to sync with my iOS calendar!

In all seriousness, would you be willing to share an ETA on when something like this might be available in TR?

No :frowning: sorry.