Calendar export to TrainingPeaks

We are working on some export options currrently to allow you to export to iCal, Google Calendar, etc.

That being said, TrainingPeaks export is not on our Development Roadmap due to the techinical challenges and extensive collaboration required.


To be fair, I’ve now shelved my TP account as I believe the latest developments on TR cover most aspects of what you get.

Give us the fitness/fatigue/form charts and you have a pretty complete package!!


I joined TR a year ago and created my own library, a week at time as I went thru TR plans. There are some limitations in the TrainingPeaks workout builder, and it takes time, so I focused on creating simple workouts with just high-level details to support basic planning (TSS and calorie intake):

Works well, but as single-sport athlete I’m not planning to use it going forward now that TR calendar has rolled out.

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I still use TP for metrics (weight/body fat) tracking as well. But yea, TP gets much less focus from me now, and I probably won’t renew it assuming TR keeps up their work.


Would LOVE to be able to export to Google Calendar!


It’s on the list.



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Slightly off topic but is it possible to download the plan, and the plan in the calendar to word or pdf?
This is selfishly driven as I like to keep a paper copy to scribble on as training thoughts enter my mind during the working day.


This was great, but TrainingPeaks removed the API’s this was based on. I really liked this functionality.

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Am I the only one who can’t get this to work? Or is your comment, Gregory, confirming it doesn’t work now.

Contact if you are experiencing issues.

They will help you and fix any source issue on their end.

I can’t get it to work either :frowning_face: Bummer, I really like the training peaks calendar and charts better but I am not willing to take the time to enter everything manually.

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Yeah, api is broken on the TP side.

is there any though on pushing the calendar to other platforms like Training peaks in the near future?

We support Calendar Export for Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook, but support for TrainingPeaks is not on our Development Roadmap at the moment.

You can learn how to export to supported calendars in this Forum thread.

I’m going to go ahead and merge this topic with the Calendar Export to TrainingPeaks thread to keep all of the related discussion in one place.


We do not have plans to export to TrainingPeaks at this time.

Thank you for the quick feedback Bryce, I was planning my 2020 year and wanted to simply by utilizing one platform as I utilize wko5 for my analytics

Hey Bryce, what about pushing them to the garmin head unit

We recently released Support for pushing workouts to Garmin Head units :+1:.

You can learn more about it here:

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Hi Bryce , if I use the outside ride features will I still be able to utilize the Garmin to work on erg mode inside? just wanting the head unit to control the ride as all the metrics I utilize during training are on my head unit and not on I PADT thru TR. which it could result on added distraction during the workouts.