Calendar auto plan reorganization

Sorry wasnt quite sure how to title this. So I’m wonder if there is a way for your training plan to automatically update if you miss a work out but still plan to do it. So what I mean is if i have a workout scheduled for Tuesday but cant do it until Wednesday is there a way to get my entire plan moved up by a day? (thursday ride then moved to friday, saturday ride then moved to sunday etc.)?

Or doI need to to manually move each up each ride?

There is no “automatic” method to do what you suggest.

Right now, TR assumes a missed ride is “skipped” and simply keeps the calendar and all future workouts at the previously planned days.

Many people like this function. They can move a single workout or not and still continue with the plan. The reason that matters is that many are setting their calendar timing with a goal A-Event. That event doesn’t move just because we miss a workout. I mention that because the current calendar behavior MUST be preserved for cases like this.

If they choose to implement your suggestion (or something similar to auto push of an entire plan or plans), it must be an option that can be user selected.

I know others have asked for something similar, so I think there are at least 2 use cases present (maybe more).


If you’re using the mid volume plan, Wednesday’s recovery ride is t “as important” as the Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday rides. Reading through Coach Chad’s blog posts on missing a workout he mentions that. It would seem that moving every subsequent workout would jack up your schedule overall. I’ve always taken to this saying, “Does the need of the one outweigh the need of the many?”
Just think about your training season as a whole. Would it be worth it for your schedule to move everything around? Or is it simply easier for your situation to miss or find a time later in the block to complete that session. You can easily make up the TSS if that’s your concern by adding longer cooldowns or doing a variation of another workoutto accumulate the TSS for the week.

Just my 2 cents so spend it wisely.

What I mean by this is I DONT want to miss any work outs. But when you do “miss” a work out thats scheduled on a certain day for whatever reason i wish the calendar would just move up the ENTIRE training block insted of having to go in to the calendar and manually move up each workout. If that makes sense. So like right now i just missed a week and a half because of a cold. So I have to go in and move up EACH work out a week and a half.

Thanks Chad, a little disappointing, hopefully they’ll add that as an option in the future.

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You can easily move an entire plan, one week at a time. Use the “Push Week” function on the calendar. This moves the current week and all that follow it in the plan.

I know that is not your precise request, but you may be able to use it to make your moves a bit easier, when they span a full week.

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