Avoiding an early peak

Going into the season I had the following plan:

  • SSBMV 1&2
  • Sustained Build MV
  • SSBMV 1&2
  • Sustained Build MV
  • Century HV

And adding/substituting group rides as desired. I’m about halfway though the first SSBMV2 block and motivation and gains are going strong. However, I’m starting to realize that there is no way that I am going to be able to continue ramping my TSS/week all the way to my target event 10 months out.

I see some possible courses of actions:

  • Continue as I am and get to the TSS/week that my available volume affords.
  • Sub plus versions of workouts to get more TSS out of the basic structure that is there
  • Skip the second half of the early Sustained Power Build and sub in Traditional Base Mid/Low volume as a mini off season to let my CTL drop off a little then continue with the original planned progression.

So internet… what should I do?

TSS does not always need to rise to make progress. Assume your ftp goes up during first 20 week SSB-SustainedBuild phase. When you repeat, that for another 20 weeks, you are restarting at a higher ftp. Its possible to raise your ftp again during the second 20 weeks.

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