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When using my assioma duo pedals and I unclip for ILT only my left pedal is showing power(watts). Any advice…they both show connected every where on my iPad. Thank you!


Because, if you’ve clipped from one peddle, only the other will have power being applied (unless I’m missing something)

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I forget if this applies here, but I think there is an issue based on whether you use ANT+ or BLE.

One of them only takes a single pedal and doubles the value, vs the other that uses true dual-sided info.

I use ANT+ with TR and have the Duo pedals. When I unclip on one side the power is still correct.

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Might be what I saw earlier:

This is an issue on the P1 pedals, on the Assiomas it can be fixed but I believe the default setting does this

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So to elaborate I am using the newest assioma pedals on blue tooth as my iPad does not do ant+…thanks again for the help.

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I thought that as long as you used the Unified L channel it doesnt matter if you connect BT or ANT, that it would take both pedals and combine to one signal through the L pedal, rather than doubling the L pedal only.


This has also been my understanding!

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Yes you’re right, but I believe by default it doesn’t use unified left channel and you have to change it in the app. I had to on mine at least anyway.

This is correct - you have to change it via the app.

I just got a new pair of Assioma Duos yesterday and then OOB setting was to use the unified left channel.

They must have changed that…mine are 18months old and came with separate bluetooth channels :+1:

I got mine a few months ago and mine also came factory on Unified L


I can’t seem to find the unified setting in the app to see how they are paired. Where is it in the app?