A flaw in the TrainerRoad business model? ;)

To be honest having it where it is is fine for me: You’re trying to spread the word for your product.

Making it the same grey as the text would probably be fine.


I don’t mind the referral number and would be happy to see more competitors in my men’s 65-69 age group. :slight_smile:


I can relate. I had a hard ride yesterday and wanted to stretch my legs a bit afterwards. So, when we went Christmas shopping that evening I parked in the back of the lot. My wife asked me if I thought she was fat. I told her my reason and then she really didn’t believe me so I went with the “less chance for a door ding” excuse. I don’t think she believed that either… :dizzy_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth::grimacing:


I want them to get TR so I don’t have to pull their slow butts all around town.


I don’t mind the red notice. I offered one to a friend and I really pumped up how cool the calendar is and he ended up signing up without even taking the referral. So I’d say they do work.

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…that’s how noisy/annoying/loud marketing is working since hundred of years – all the 80% and 2for1 discount-stuff, ohhh boy. In the past TR was always very relaxed/fair/calm and had style, when it came to marketing – since 3-4 month there’s a big change and it’s becoming more and more annoying/difficult.

That’s great. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: For me it’s good to know that I have some referrals which I can share, but I don’t need to get this information poked into my eyes.

Oh, really (Feature Request: Concept 2 devices (Calendar, separate FTP settings & .fit file import))? And please don’t forget data coming from Stryd footpod.

To be clear: I always tried to spread the word and was happy to see good/nice guys and gals using TR. Unfortunately the subscription model thing is a big bummer – at least in the countries where I am. People prefer to do a one time buy instead of following a subscription model – they hate[1] subscriptions, marketing bullshit, ads, influencers and affiliate links. As TR is missing some essential sharing- and export features and people even can’t try TR out without being forced into a subscription, they think about TR as a a jail – a bronze one, not a golden one.


[1] = if they don’t hate it, they are suspicious about it as too many bad things happened.

Without the subscription model there is no way I would have signed up to TR. I think it’s fairly standard practice these days for a service (not just a product) like TR to operate in this way. Given that in many places indoor training is seen as seasonal it also makes sense.

From my experience TR the company is very transparent, genuinely wants to improve what they are doing, and isn’t very intrusive when it comes to marketing.


Much as I feel the love for TR I am fed up that there is so much concentration on the next best thing rather than fixing simple but annoying bugs.

  1. The progress bar going on and off like a belisha beacon
  2. The interval summary showing always one less than target power

I am sure there are more but I notice these two every time I ride my trainer

Note - I just looked up belisha beacon for the benefit of our non UK friends

A Belisha beacon is an amber-coloured globe lamp atop a tall black and white pole, marking pedestrian crossings of roads in the United Kingdom, Ireland and in other countries, historically influenced by Britain

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I personally don’t mind being an ambassador of sorts for tr. And as a true competitor, you should always strive for the best. Whatever the rest does with their time what they do because I’m going to do it better :slight_smile:

I’ve seen a decent amount of friends try out TR, and possibly because they go with ego put in an FTP that is too high and end up having to eat a bit of humble pie not as many stick with it. Zwift seems to work for a lot of people, even without the structure since the motivation to do the work is a big part of the battle.

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I feel bad that this thread has turned into a bitch session on a product that, overall, works exceedingly well. And is an incredible value for the money. I mean, I have essentially a personal coach that costs me less than $12/month and I’m getting faster.

I meant this thread, honestly, to just be a tongue-in-cheek comment about the program working so well I’m fearful my competition will start using it.

Count me as a very satisfied customer. Keep up the good work!


That is not a general issue with TR, rather its specific to your setup and workout. For example:
two over target, and two on target. Scanning down the list there are more that are under and over and on target.


You guys are seriously annoyed by the tiny red number next to your account?! I genuinely thought the first comment mentioning it was a joke but clearly it’s not.

Marketing is a thing. It has to be for any company to be financially viable, let alone one in an obscure sub-industry (indoor training platforms) of an already obscure industry (cycling).

You really can’t fathom the difference it makes to TR to have an annual subscriber vs. a month to month? Do you think Nate gets to hire engineers month to month? Do you think all the back-end investment and infrastructure gets “put on pause” in the summer months? Does Verizon host a forum that allows users to nitpick their products and services, all in the name of building a better company and making their product better? Does the Comcast CEO do a weekly podcast and webinar, complete with a Q & A session? Please quit applying your grumpy standards of how you’ve been wronged by the Mega-Corps of the world and realize that the reason you didn’t win the field sprint or upgrade by your target date had nothing to do with Coach Chad adding 87 extra accumulated TSS to SSB II or that Nate’s marketing team made the font size on the referral 8% bigger than you would’ve. And by all means, if you think you can do better, as Nate mentioned, thanks to all those referrals and resulting subscribers, Trainer Road is hiring…


Obtrusive?! Come on you guys!! It’s not like they make you do Morgan for every workout, now THAT would be tough. Ignoring a little red bubble, first world problems. I think Chad should mention it at the start of every workout just for good measure. :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work.


Are we really talking about this red number, or are other people seeing something else on different platforms? I can’t understand how this could raise an emotional reaction of any kind? I know user feedback is important, but are TR supposed to create an individualised platform for every single user? I’d personally like the TSS bars to be a slightly different shade of green…


Have you ever bought a piece of software? I used to work in audio engineering and my ‘one time buy’ for the necessary software cost me over £1,000. WIthin 2 years, it was out of date.

The new model means you pay a yearly, much lower, fee and get all the updates along with it. A much better system, in my opinion.


Maybe in the US. In Europe (eg. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, UK, and so on…) not so. From what I’m seeing, people here prefer to do a one-time-buy, use it for a while and then, if/when the upgrade is really good (= worth it), buy it again.

Willball and myself are both UK based, as far as I know, and I respectfully disagree. I don’t know many people who would want to pay a huge one off fee for a piece of software, and most people are completely used to paying monthly or annual subscription fees for services they use.


Sure. Many times.

No probs.

I just wrote/explained what I’m seeing. And… whenever I did recommend TR, I was involved in a (bad) discussion about the subscription model and the no test period thing. But… YMMV of course. :wink:

As mentioned above I am UK based and disagree.

Most people I know are comfortable paying subscriptions for Netflix, amazon, strava premium etc.



I understand it. Why? Because it simply looks like a very important message (in your example; 2 of them) or major issues with your account, which need your immediate attention. Maybe something with you credit card, something with you subscription, maybe something with your password.

Instead it’s only some referral stuff.