2019 Race/Event Results Thread

Snelling this Saturday for sure. Maybe Merced crit on Sunday—still thinking about that one. Probably Red Kite crit in early March. I haven’t planned much beyond that yet.

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You’re still managing to smile :ok_hand:t2:

I had a pretty nasty crash with some possible broken ribs and a really sore back but hopefully nothing that will keep me off the bike for too long :ok_hand:


Hope you heal up soon :face_with_head_bandage:

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Ended up 3rd in Cat 1 Enduro, which I’m happy with. The first stage was on a portion of the DH track and I tied with the winner’s time.
Sunday’s DH went really well, I hit 95% of all my lines and pedaled my heart out. Ended up 4th in Cat 1 and within striking distance of 2nd and 3rd so I’m happy with that. There was also a chainless DH race that was a lot of fun, there were a few uphill sections that I had to Strider-bike up. I’m excited to get back down there soon.


I suffered a collapsed lung immediately prior to, or during, the TT. Didn’t know what was going on during the race other than that I couldn’t breathe well and was hyperventilating at my target power. Dropped the power substantially and suffered through to finish in the top 20 in the TT.

Started the road race but had the same issue - still not diagnosed. Couldn’t work hard but could sit in. Got dropped around mile 75 and just rode it in easy for a DNF. Completely baffled as to what was wrong with me.

Thus I was both pleased to have a good explanation and annoyed at the seriousness of the condition when x-rays definitively showed a partially collapsed right lung. Very frustrating to train and have good fitness and then a seemingly completely random injury (didn’t fall or suffer any other impacts) fully derail my peak fitness and main A race for the first half of the year


Got my first race of 2019 on Sunday. A 25mile TT, first TT race since 2017 so see if got any better! Forecast looks ok and hoping for PB! Will report back!

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bummer, sorry to hear about that. Any indication on recovery time?

Nothing official from the doctors yet - but from all my googling it shouldn’t be too long (days, not weeks or months)

Wow. Not what any of us wanted to read I’m sure!

Take it easy and I hope your recovery is swift.

This is what is happening at this part of the world. it is going to be a very hard race and pace :slight_smile:

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Yikes! Very sorry to hear that! Any idea as to what could cause that?

Good luck with a speedy recovery and hopeful your Google results are accurate.

I made a comeback from my pitiful performance in the past two races! Today was a climber’s paradise sort of race, with 37 miles and just under 4500ft of climbing. I don’t feel I’m a climber at all, but my team puts this race on the list for our contract, so I begrudgingly went. And surprised myself with first place in the 3/4 category! Aaaaaand my teammate and I went 1, 2!


The first lap of climbing was hell and considered just dropping off the back. But on the second lap I quickly realized these women didn’t have repeatability, so on the third climb I just pushed hard and the field was narrowed down to 6. I looked around and just had this feeling I would win. Thanks TR for kicking my a** indoors. It’s paying off!

PS. Thank you @Nate_Pearson for the embro cream suggestion. I bought some yesterday (trialed it last night) then doused the legs in it this morning. It really helped. Here’s to us both getting first in our respective road race! :muscle:


Holy Sh!t! I missed this. Sorry man heal up and best of luck in the future. It wasn’t in the cards for us to meet this time…

Nice job!

Didn’t get dropped from the field at Snelling (E4’s) today! Big improvement over a DNF last year.

Gotta count the small wins, right? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Heck yes!! Great job!!!

Hey All

I hope you don’t mind me putting this here.

Yesterday I took part in one of my two races which I’ve signed up for this year with this being the Otway Odyssey 50km Shorty in Victoria Australia.
Bit of background the last two years I’ve finished:
2017 - 4:12:36
2018 - 4:11:15 both very slow results and both years had pretty bad cramps
This year I really wanted to do better.
I joined TR and was able to complete SSBMV1&2 and then Sustained Power Build with a slight taper for the race. (Barely missed a workout)
I daily followed the forum and listened to all the podcasts with some of them also watching again on YouTube.
Yesterday I finished with 3:11:53 and have to admit had a few manly tears finishing almost an hour under my best time.
I wasn’t close to standing on the podium though to me I this result meant everything.
Thank you TR Team and please keep going as my journey with you has only just started.
Next race is a 100km MTB race in April.
Thanks Lehmo


An hour!! That is monumental. Great result :tada::+1:

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Collapsed lung…usually referred to as spontaneous pneumothorax. More often seen in tall ectomorphic body types. Usually will completely resolve with a small tube. Sometimes more is required. Heal up quick.

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