10 year Plateau

New to TR and just started a mid build plan Nov 6th followed by mid rolling road. Due to the nature of my work schedule I have large blocks of riding followed by large blocks of not riding. The result is relatively high valleys and low peaks.

I’m hoping the structure of completing the workouts in the plans will break through this 10+ year plateau as I’ve never done an indoor routine like this until now. I’ve used power for 10 years outside but, this is different.

I annotated my Nov/Dec days off in my calendar linked below. Looking to best optimize the weeks. Right now I’m planning on something simple like if I can’t do a workout move it to the next available day I’m free. Essentially bumping the plan back the number of days I work. The days not annotated as “OFF” I am on call (airline job). I could be gone the entire block or never get a call. Makes it tough to plan. Any insight experience appreciated!

Give this a read for ideas on handling missed workouts: