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Cycling Training Plans

Training plans define how long, hard and frequently you need to ride your bike to properly prepare for your cycling event — or just to maintain fitness.

Plans for Every Rider

Athletes from all cycling disciplines use TrainerRoad's superior training plans to get faster. As a TrainerRoad athlete, you'll have unlimited access to over 100 structured training plans and over 1,000 workouts.

All plans take you through the proper progression of generating base fitness, building upon that fitness, and finally, training to achieve your specific goals.

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Structured Training Process

Structured training plans build your endurance and strength in the right order so you can be confident going into your cycling event.

Base Phase

Cultivate your endurance and cycling skills to build a solid fitness foundation.

Build Phase

Build your muscular endurance to establish a higher threshold power.

Specialty Phase

Fine-tune your training to hit new peak-fitness levels in event preparation.

Learn more about the proven and effective training plan process that makes you reach your goals, fast.

Customize Any TrainerRoad Plan

Every TrainerRoad plan can be modified to fit your schedule with Calendar. Simply choose the days you want to train, the intensity, and when you want to start or end your plan. Your structured plan then automatically updates based on your preferences.

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Guidance Every Step of the Way

All workouts and structured training plans are designed by Coach Chad Timmerman, a Level 1 USAC certified coach. Here's what to expect:

  • Choosing a plan is easy with discipline-specific schedules and goals
  • Choose from indoor or outdoor-optimized variations of each workout
  • All workouts automatically scale to your specific fitness level
  • Follow your prescribed schedule with weekly descriptions and tips
  • Workouts have in-ride instructional text to help you nail each session

“Just wanted to drop a quick kudos your way for the instructions on each workout. They are invaluable and I would say worth every penny.” — Mike, TrainerRoad Athlete

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Highly effective and easy-to-use power-based training software. Perhaps the best US$19.95 you can spend on getting faster.
Date published: 11/17/2014
5 / 5 stars